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Moving a mattress is a huge undertaking that can be intimidating if you’re not used to moving homes. Usually, the last thing to be thought about prior to moving a mattress is transporting the bed, then wrapping, dismantling, and putting it safely inside a moving truck. But moving from a bed to your new house does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. Here, learn about some helpful tips on how to move a mattress easily and quickly.

The first consideration in moving a mattress involves wrapping it. Most movers will provide you with boxes and straps that will help you wrap the mattress. This is useful so that the mattress does not fly through the air while it’s being moved. Wrapping is an important step because it makes it easier for you to secure the mattress to the trucks.

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Once you have wrapped the mattress, you can move it to the truck. Some movers will even provide this service for free, but if they do not, you will still be able to move a mattress this way. You can also move the mattress in sections. If you have smaller parts, these sections can be collapsed and secured. Movers will provide you with straps and boxes to help you collapse the sections and put them together once they are all loaded on top of the truck.

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After you have securely packed the mattress, you will need to fasten the mattress into place. While some people choose to strap the mattress down with straps, this method can cause the mattress to break because the straps can loosen and move with the mattress as well. So, it is best to invest in some heavy duty straps. The movers will be able to show you how to properly fasten the mattress to the floor so that it will not be moved.

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When the truck is filled with your new mattress, you will need to unload it onto the truck. Since transporting a large mattress is a task, it is likely that you will need assistance from another person. This is when it is important to ask the movers to supply someone with proper safety equipment. If the movers cannot supply this safety equipment, then you should definitely not allow them to move the mattress.

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There is another mattress moving company in Wantagh that offers their customers the opportunity to have a professional dry clean done right in their own home. This service is provided by the company’s representative, who is also responsible for moving the mattress to your new house. When the mattress is cleaned, it will be as good as new.

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In order to provide the mattress moving service, they will need to rent or purchase a tape gun. The tape gun will be used to remove the protective padding on top of the mattress so that it can be transported. The tape gun can only be taken one time, so it is important that it is in great shape before the movers make their move. After the tape gun is cleaned, it should be ready for use.

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When the tape gun is loaded into the truck, the movers will tie it off to a sturdy piece of cardboard so that the tape does not tear. They will then load the mattress into the truck and begin the journey. As the truck is being pulled around, it is important to make sure that the mattress is not pushed, but rather, that the weight is evenly spread out over the whole piece of furniture. Before placing the king board inside the pickup truck, the plastic will need to sit on the board to ensure that it is completely secure. Once this is done, the entire truck can be set on top of the board.

Wantagh Mattress Moving
Wantagh Mattress Moving