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Moving a mattress is an experience that few want. Mattresses are heavy, they usually take up lots of space, they are awkward to lift and sometimes they flop all over the place and taking them down the stairs isn’t a real pain. However, moving a mattress does not need to be an ordeal. If you are relocating your mattress to a different home, you might want to load the bed with some mattress moving bags, that you can find at any moving supply store.

It is also a good idea to wrap the mattress in plastic sheeting or even in newspaper before packing it up. This will protect the mattress from getting damaged during shipping. But even though the packing is a great idea, it is not always enough. So when you are trying to move a mattress from one house to another, whether it is from a new home to a used house, the movers might be able to help.

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If your mattress is not flat enough or heavy enough for the bed mover to move it, he might be able to lay it flat using ratchet straps. But this method is only recommended if the mattress is light, as too much weight can damage both the mattress and the bed mover. If the mattress is too heavy to move by using ratchet straps, then the best thing for you to do would be to use dollies. These dollies are also a great way to protect the mattress during transport.

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One of the most common ways people try to move a mattress is by wrapping it in plastic sheeting or wrapping it in a large blanket. Unfortunately, this method fails in every possible way. Not only does wrap the mattress fail, but it also traps air between the sheet and the mattress. Air can weaken the structure of the bed, and the more air trapped, the worse the damage can be.

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The safest and probably the best option for a person when considering mattress moving is to use dollies. A dolly is basically a moving apparatus with wheels at the bottom, which is able to easily roll on the ground. By using these special moving devices, movers can safely push the mattress in a safe manner, and they do not risk having the entire bed structure damaged. It is important that movers use dollies instead of wrapping the mattress because the dollies are equipped with ratchet straps, which enable them to move the mattress in a horizontal position.

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If your current home has not been previously furnished, or you live in a dorm room, then you may want to consider renting a dolly for a moving process. This will allow you to move a mattress inside of a moving truck. This can reduce stress and protect you from injury. You may also find this option to be less expensive than moving the entire mattress.

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While most people choose to hire a professional when transporting a mattress, this is not always a good idea. The last thing you want is to have an uneven mattress on the floor after the movers have left. If the movers have not provided any safety precautions, then you can end up with a seriously uneven mattress on the floor. This can even make it necessary to replace the mattress all together. If you are not sure whether or not your current mattress can be transported by yourself, then you should call in experienced movers to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

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Once you have decided to move a mattress, it is very important that you follow all of the proper safety precautions. Even though transporting a mattress is safe, it is also very important that you understand that moving vans aren’t. Whenever possible, you should try to arrange a transfer that takes place outside of your new home. If you cannot do this, then you should make sure that the person driving the moving van has someone in the vehicle who is familiar with moving floors and with mattresses. This will help them to minimize the risk of any accidents while transporting your bed.

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