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Stony Brook Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is an easy task to complete by a licensed moving company. In fact, it is a very popular service that most people would rather do without. That is because it involves too much hassle, too much time and too much expense. Yet, it is an important service that must be performed if you have broken your mattress or if you want to relocate it to a different location. In short, it saves you time and money.

Mattress moving companies utilize heavy-duty moving equipment such as dollies, rolls, mattress pails, and mattress straps. They also use heavy-duty tape for temporary protection of your mattress while it is being moved. Mattress straps and dollies are specially designed for mattresses that are too heavy to be rolled up. As you may guess, these specially designed dollies and straps are very useful for people who want to move a mattress.

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Mattress moving companies also utilize special bags to move mattresses. A mattress bag is actually one which stands firm to the pressure of the move. It’s a large heavy plastic bag that securely holds your mattress to the mattress while it is being moved. Generally, this kind of bag has slits at strategic places to allow you to access your mattresses easily. If you are going to hire a professional mattress moving company, ask them about the kinds of bags they use.

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Now let’s move on to more practical matters. One of the things you will learn while studying ways to move a mattress is the importance of mattress padding. This serves the dual purpose of making the moving easier and of adding a level of comfort to the moving process. Mattress padding also makes the mattress feel nice against your skin. It may come as a Stony Brook to learn that some moving and mattress moving companies actually advise their customers to purchase the higher quality kind of mattress padding.

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Let’s now move on to how the movers actually do their job. Typically, a professional moving company will divide the mattress into small pieces. Then, they will take these smaller pieces and slowly roll each piece across the floor until all pieces are in their original place. They will use ratchet straps to hold the mattress firmly in place, as well as heavy duty ropes to help them transport the mattress through hallways and up elevators. Most professional moving companies have a truck with enough space to move even the largest mattress.

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But sometimes, the job is too big for even that big a truck. In that case, the experienced professionals will use foam mattress bags to help them. These mattress bags are made from strong, waterproof materials like plastic or strong cotton. Mattress bags can protect the mattress from shifting and also provide easy packing by allowing the mattress to be packed into a suitcase or smaller bag.

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If you are going to buy mattress bags for moving your mattress, you need to buy the biggest one you can find. Ideally, you should get one that is at least twice the size of your bed or the equivalent in other terms. It’s not enough to just buy a mattress bag full of foam, though. You should also buy a couple of plastic bags that are large enough to hold your bedding so that the whole bed can fit inside the plastic bag.

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Even after the movers complete the move, you will still need to be involved. This is because it’s not just a matter of transferring the mattresses. You need to ensure that the beds are not damaged during the move, as they will have to be replaced afterwords. If they are damaged beyond repair, it could cost you more to move than the original mattress was worth in the first place.

Stony Brook Mattress Moving
Stony Brook Mattress Moving
Stony Brook Mattress Moving