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A mattress moving company offers you a simple yet safe way to move a mattress from one location to another. Mattress moving services take away the hassle of lifting and carrying a mattress by carrying it around on board a truck or on the ground by utilizing special dollies. A mattress moving company will provide you with a free quote over the telephone. They will then haul off your mattress with the safety and support you need at the time of the move. A good company will offer you a free inspection of the property before they begin to transport your mattress and will be more than willing to make any necessary repairs if needed.

How to move a mattress is a question many people ask, and the answer is quite simply – with tape. Mattress tape comes in various widths to cover small or large areas, depending on your needs. The tape is easy to remove and easy to use to fasten and un-secure to the bedding and supporting system. For maximum protection, make sure the tape goes all the way around the mattress, securing it at the top and bottom. Mattress tape is strong enough to handle even the largest beds and is non-slip.

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One of the advantages of moving your mattress with a Mattress Moving Company is that your mattress is protected from outside elements that can damage it. A move can reveal many imperfections that you may not see when you’re in your old home. Your new home should be clean and dry, so adding a few inches of dust or a speck of dust can completely ruin the look of your new mattress.

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Mattress moving companies can help you secure your mattress with either an all-in-one moving service or a separate moving package. An all-in-one service allows for your mattress and box spring to be wrapped up in one package, while separate services allow you to have your box spring and the foam backing of your mattress moved separately. This helps secure both your belongings and the property of the moving company. All movers use the same types of wrapping materials to secure your belongings.

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When a Mattress Moving Company comes to move your mattress, they will test the rigidity of the mattress with their equipment. Then they cut a piece of plastic or metal to the exact size of your old mattress and glue the piece to the bottom of the box spring. This prevents shifting and keeps your new mattress secure in its new home. Movers will also use heavy duty tape to secure the corners of your new room.

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Another item that may be used when relocating your mattress is special mattress straps. These straps are made of strong, durable fabric and used to securely tie down your mattress. The mattress straps are made to withstand the pressure of hundreds of pounds. Make sure to ask the movers if they have these special straps.

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You may also want to have your mattress moving bags ready. Some movers offer two mattress moving bags; one for large items and one for smaller ones. These bags are generally hand carried, so it will depend on the movers how quickly they can load your belongings into your vehicle. In addition, some movers offer moving boxes that can be loaded onto the back of your vehicle for easy transportation.

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Before your move, be sure to carefully load your truck with everything. Many movers offer loading and unloading services. If not, it is best to contact the company ahead of time. If you decide to rent a moving truck, make sure you select one that is large enough to transport your mattress and all of your other belongings. The larger the truck the more time it will take to load everything.

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