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A mattress moving truck is one that stands for itself. It’s a large, padded plastic bag with straps to place your mattress on. Mattress moving bags are made for transporting all different sizes and types of mattresses. However, if this is your first encounter with the term “mattress moving truck,” then you must know that mattress moving bags are often made of heavy-duty plastic and are designed specifically to accommodate even the largest of mattresses; from full, twin, queen and king size mattresses.

Moving a mattress involves more than simply rolling it into a truck, and driving it away. Before any movers attempt to move a mattress, they will carefully pack it into a mattress transport case, which is designed specifically for moving mattresses. This case will be serviced, and any fragile parts will be handled by licensed professionals. Then, if you are seeking professional movers for your move, you will want to consider asking some specific questions about the mattress packing process, as well as how long the entire process will take.

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One important question to ask about how to move a mattress is this: how much space does each mattress carry? Some mattress moving companies only handle large mattresses and will use special racks and dollies to carry an old mattress several feet away from its origin point. Other companies will haul your mattress and other furniture in a special unit, which is similar to a moving van, but will leave the mattress attached to the supporting straps. Yet other moving companies will simply use truck straps to strap down your old mattress and other items.

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The mattresses and other items will all be packed separately, so it’s best to ask about the specific methods of packing when you’re considering which mattress moving company to use. Remember, you don’t need to purchase your own bags from those moving companies – they will provide the bags. Instead, ask if the company packs and or straps the bags separately, or if they provide the bags and straps as part of a package. Some movers will offer both methods, while others may only offer one option.

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Of course, once your mattress and other belongings are securely packed, your job is not over. You must ensure that the bedding is properly protected when the movers bring it to your new home. Depending on the particular type of bedding you have, this might mean simply putting bedding in place, or placing plastic sheets over it. You can generally buy ratchet straps at your local retailer, which can secure most bedding items at their proper places once the movers load them up.

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As your new mattress arrives at your new home, carefully inspect it. You can get a good idea of how much weight each piece is carrying, which is especially important for small couches and lightweight mattresses. Check carefully for cracks or tears, and if possible, take a few pieces along with you to ensure that they are undamaged. If you have any questions, feel free to call your relocation company to double check your work.

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Once the bedding has been placed inside the moving truck and the truck has been securely driven away, your mattress bag will need to be unpacked and stored. It’s important that you do not pack anything in the bed of the truck, as the truck will be filled with loose items, some of which may be hard to find once the bed has been emptied. Once the mattress bag has been stored, put it in the same spot where you unpacked it. Then, remove the plastic bag and gently unfold it. It should open easily without ripping or at least be flat and clean.

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Next, carefully lift the mattress and the foam around it. Do not attempt to move the mattress while it is secured; doing so could result in damage to the springs or the foam itself. Check to make sure that all of the straps are properly attached and secure to the mattress. Now, remove the plastic cover and lay the mattresses on top of the cardboard to fasten them. Make sure the mattress is level and that it is far enough away from the walls to prevent anyone from falling through the cracks in the floor.

Shirley Mattress Moving
Shirley Mattress Moving
Shirley Mattress Moving