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Usually, the last thing to think about when moving is mattress moving, how to move a refrigerator, and all of the other cumbersome household items. But, moving a mattress to your new house does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. There are ways to make the move as easy and stress-free. Here, find out how to move a mattress to your new place and many more tips to make the moving experience as easy and stress-free.

There are several reasons why people choose mattress moving services to move their beds to their new house. If you are going through a difficult time and you want to be as stress-free as possible during the move, it may be the best option for you. These services will carefully inspect your mattresses and offer options to move them to your new house. They will first do some tests on your mattress to check if it can withstand the weight of the appliances that will be placed on it.

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Mattress moving services will first do preliminary tests to determine if the mattress can withstand the weight of all appliances that will be placed on it. This includes everything from forklifts to furniture weighing hundreds of pounds. The mattress moving professionals will also use special ropes and straps to secure the mattress to the trucks. Special webbing and straps are used to strap the mattress to the truck. The experts place straps and webbing over the mattress in order to ensure that all parts of the mattress remain in place and secure.

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Once the movers have done the initial tests, they will make sure that all parts are securely fastened to the truck. They then proceed with moving the contents on the truck in pairs. They take extra care, however, to make sure each piece is transported in its own container so no one is hurt during the move.

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After Mattress Moving, the movers will tape each piece of the mattress to the floor. Before doing this, however, they will fold each sheet up in four sections. Then, they will tarp, or wrap, each section of the mattress using a strong plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will help protect the mattress from any spilled liquids that might damage it. Movers will also use duct tape to seal the plastic wrap around the mattress.

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Another way of moving a mattress without straps or tapes is by using special jute threads. These threads are tied to wooden planks nailed to the truck. When a mattress is inside the threaded jute threads, it won’t roll anymore when it is inside the truck. The threads are secured to the planks by strong ropes.

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To protect the mattress from scratches and from movement, you can buy plastic sheets. Mattress Moving experts will tie these sheets to the mattress as they move it. The sheets will protect the mattress from sharp objects. When the Mattress Moving experts move the mattress this way, they make sure the sheets aren’t ripped during the move. If the mattress is moved this way, you won’t see much damage to the mattress because the sheets are tightly sealed.

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Memory foam mattresses can also be folded. If you have memory foam mattresses, it is not recommended that you move them like Mattress Moving Experts. However, some people do. This type of mattress could be damaged by the moving and slipping action, so this is why you should only attempt it if you have thoroughly cleaned and washed the mattress with warm water and with a bleach-water solution.