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Ridge Mattress Moving

Mattress moving companies can be extremely helpful in moving a mattress. Many people wonder “how to move a mattress,” since the thought of moving one is enough to freak out most people. The reality is that any type of mattress can be moved by a professional moving company, though it will take some time and work to achieve the result you desire.

Mattress moving bags are one that stands true to its title. It’s a large black plastic bag with plenty of straps to securely pack your mattress in. In addition to carrying the mattress, it also includes padding and pillows for comfort and support during the move. If this is your first encounter with the word ‘mattress moving bags,’ then you must already know that mattress moving bags come in three sizes: small, medium and large.

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The reason these three sizes are referred to is that the old mattress needs to be slung far away from the moving truck when being moved. An old mattress that is too bulky will cause the truck to tip over, since it can’t pull its weight with the extra weight. Additionally, the straps on the mattress moving bags should be wide enough that it will comfortably wrap around the entire length of the mattress. This way, there will be no chance of the mattress collapsing or falling off the truck while the straps are being pulled.

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Before renting a moving truck, ask around local movers if they would help move an old mattress for you. Ask specifically if they have a license, since transporting a mattress might be illegal in some regions. A moving company should have this kind of license, since transporting goods by private means without a license is considered illegal. Moving companies are required by law to keep proper records about every customer that they have helped to move, so make sure to ask them about any complaints regarding their service.

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Some mattress cleaners can also help you get rid of your old mattress, although you have to purchase the product yourself. For example, the New York mattress cleaner recommends mattress toppers that are non-toxic and easy to wash. They recommend using ratchet straps in addition to the non-toxic mattress toppers, since these straps will prevent the mattress from collapsing, especially if you live in a particularly humid area. They also recommend using mattress protectors and blankets on top of the bed to further “maintain” the integrity of the bed.

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For smaller mattresses, moving companies recommend using a moving truck and mattress topper that are at least three times smaller than the original size of the mattress. The moving company will quote you a price according to the dimensions of your mattress, but will only provide a truck that can handle larger mattresses. If you plan to move a king size mattress, the best way to go is to use the services of a moving company, because moving alone would be very difficult and time-consuming.

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Before you leave with your belongings, it’s important to pack all of your belongings correctly. This includes using a plastic bag to store any valuable jewelry, and packing your mattress in a box or mattress bag. You should also remember to take along a flashlight with you in case you need to look inside your box or mattress bag for something. If you have any work equipment or tools in your bedding, you should store these in a box or plastic bag as well. This includes any metal pipes that might be found in your bed frame or box spring, so that they don’t come out while you are moving your belongings.

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It’s important that you use the right mattress protection during moving, or else you could risk damaging your mattress. The type of protection varies from brand to brand, so make sure that you do your homework and find out which products will work best for you. Some protection covers your mattress from spills and other mishaps, while others are simply meant to keep your mattress dry. If you’re trying to save space, you can use pillows to protect your mattress from getting dirty, while others slip on over the top to keep everything in place. Make sure to buy high quality mattress protection, because it will last longer and help protect your mattress from possible accidents or damage.

Ridge Mattress Moving
Ridge Mattress Moving