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Mattress moving is not just a common household task anymore. It is now taken as a serious and tasking job for professional movers. Mattress moving involves a series of steps to help you transfer your mattress from one location to another. Mattress moving companies have special tools and equipment for moving mattresses safely and easily.

First, you will need to consider the safety measure. A mattress moving bag is one that stands testimony to its name. It’s a large, polyethylene plastic bag with a zipper for easy packing and to securely put your mattress in. If this is the first time encountering the word ‘mattress moving bag,’ you must know that mattress moving bags are available in various sizes, specifically designed to accommodate even the largest size of mattresses; from full, twin, queen or king-sized mattresses. This kind of plastic bag has enough padding so that your mattress won’t be likely to suffer from any pressure. In addition, a mattress moving bag has handles to make the job easy for movers; these handles are secured underneath the mattress for a safer, more comfortable to move.

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Moving tape used to be an optional item when relocating a mattress; however, these days’ tape manufacturers label it strongly that tape is strictly a no-no when it comes to moving a mattress. The reason why they state this so explicitly is to discourage people from tampering with the mattress, as tape is flammable. Although most quality moving tape is fireproof, tape that is not flame-resistant is definitely not recommended; hence, you should also be extra cautious of where you store moving tape.

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A mattress moving kit is very popular among householders who want to save cash and time when relocating their beds. Most mattress moving kits come with everything that you may need, like the mattress itself, mattress pads, packing materials like sheet and foam board and a pair of mattress-wrapping tapes. But you must always remember to ask for recommendations from your movers before using any of these items. Never let anyone tape the mattress or anything around it, as you may get seriously injured.

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Another useful piece of equipment that movers recommend is the ratchet strap. These are helpful in securing both ends of the mattress, thus ensuring that the mattress doesn’t move while being transported. The ratchet straps come in different styles and sizes, depending on the size of the bed you’re relocating. But keep in mind that the size and style of the strap you use greatly depends on how big your bed and box spring are, since these two are heavier than the rest.

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When relocating a mattress, movers usually advise against using heavy furniture. This is because the heavier your furniture is, the more difficult the move will be, not to mention the added cost that this type of move will incur. Heavy furniture also limits the amount of space available for moving your mattress, something that most mattress moving companies don’t take into account. So be sure to let your movers know how many people you’re moving and the amount of furniture you have so that they can offer the best estimate on the moving costs.

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Movers also advise against wrapping the mattress using heavy blankets. Although it makes sense to wrap the mattress in order to protect it from any spills or scratches, using blankets that wrap the mattress’s entire surface could pose a health risk, especially if you’re transporting it in the back. As a matter of fact, some mattresses are equipped with safety straps that prevent the mattress from slipping or shifting while being transported. But be sure to check if the straps are strong enough to hold the mattress securely. Mattresses are among heavy items that can cause injury if the movers do not use the appropriate measures.

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There’s nothing more frustrating than having to move a mattress, no matter how heavy it is. Knowing what to expect from movers as far as the transport of mattresses goes will ensure that the move goes smoothly, leaving you with a brand new mattress to sleep on and a clean truck to get to your new house. If you want a little more information, there are sites on the Internet that provide useful information on the subject of mattress transportation. You’ll be able to choose from several professional movers who offer top-notch customer service and a wealth of helpful information on the topic.

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