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A mattress moving company is just one which stands to its title. It’s a big heavy plastic moving bag, usually with wheels, that you place on top of your mattress to make it easier for the movers to transport it to your new home. Mattress moving bags come with all the necessary accessories to safely move a mattress, such as non-skid pads, mattress straps and bed covers. If you’re the type who likes to have everything “just falling out of place”, then this type of moving box and bag is just perfect for you!

Mattress moving bags also come with several accessories such as padded straps and bed pads that prevent the bags from crushing your expensive mattresses or hurting you during the move. Also, there are special locks to protect your mattress during the move. If this is your first encounter with the word mattress moving bags, then you must know that mattresses are usually packed in heavy-duty plastic, non-skid and are designed to fit all sizes of mattresses; including twin, full, king, queen and even a New York king mattress.

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The plastic used in these mattress toppers is heat-resistant and very durable. Plastic or metal straps on both ends are built to hold the mattress firmly. Mattress toppers can also be equipped with ratchet straps at the bottom part for additional security and comfort. All the necessary accessories are built into these convenient moving pieces.

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Some companies provide mattress moving services by using actual forklifts. This might be your best choice if your old mattress has several small pieces that can be troublesome to pack and move. Mattress topper straps are made to hold the entire mattress securely. These straps are attached to the top of your old mattress. It takes just minutes to load the entire mattress into the forklift and off you go you’re ready to start your new life.

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Most mattresses today are custom-sized according to the measurements of each customer. For people with large mattresses, professional movers might not be able to fit them in a vehicle without damaging them. Plus, they’d have to pay an additional fee for the service. But, if you’ve got a small mattress to move, there’s no need to worry. There are professional, reliable movers who offer to move a mattress without damaging it.

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A good move would not need professional movers; all you need is a few family members to help you load the newly acquired bedding. First, ask your family members to disassemble some of the things they already have such as TV Guides, blankets and pillows. Then, divide the items into smaller bundles such as mattresses, clothes, dishes or other household utility items. Once this is accomplished, take the larger bundles and stack them on top of one another. Then, lift up the bottommost bundle and place it in the truck of your moving company.

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Before the movers load your mattress, make sure the mattress is flat and dry. The movers will not be able to properly carry your mattress if it is not flat and dry. If you do not care about getting your bed into the new home in top condition, you could just take the mattress to your new home and dump it in the yard. You may even want to donate it if you don’t plan to move it after the move.

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Once your bed is ready, you would need to load it onto the truck with a mattress bag. Plastic bags are ideal since they will protect the mattress from pests such as moths, which love to eat mattresses. It will also protect the mattress from the elements of nature such as rain and snow.

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