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Mattress moving is not that complicated as it may seem at first glance. The most important steps involved in the moving of mattresses are the preparation of the truck, loading and unloading the mattresses and transporting them to the new location. A mattress moving box is one that stands true to it name; it is an oversized large plastic bag used to transport a mattress. Now if this is your first encounter with the word mattress moving box, you must already know that mattress moving boxes are made to accommodate all sizes of beds; from twin, full, king, queen and even a king size mattress. It will depend on the manufacturer of the box as to what size the box will need to be but a good rule of thumb is to try to get a mattress that is the right size in order to have the most successful move.

The first step in transporting a mattress is getting it on the bed of the truck. This is where all the preparation has begun. First, the movers will need to strap the mattress to the truck bed using a mattress strap or by hand depending on the type of mattress being transported. Now all the other necessities have to be taken care of. Make sure all straps are fastened tightly and any loose straps are properly fastened.

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Now when everything is prepared, it is time to start the move a mattress operation. Start by unbolting all the doors and windows. Once this is done, secure all door and window handle with the tape and secure the doors with tacks or staples. Now it may be a good idea to run a check on any electrical outlets to see if all is working properly. If outlets are not working properly, it may be a sign that a professional electrician is needed to complete the job.

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After this work is done, the movers will have to carefully unpack everything into the new house. One of the biggest concerns when moving a mattress is protecting it from damage during the move. To do this the mattresses should be laid flat on a sheet of cardboard or some other soft surface. This will help protect the mattress from getting scratched during the move. After it is laid flat, a mattress cover should be put over it to keep it from getting scratched or damaged further.

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When the moving house is filled with furniture, it can be hard for the moving truck to turn around so a temporary foundation should be used. Any loose drywall can be removed and movers can set it up. A sheet of plywood should be laid across the bottom of the temporary foundation to act as a layer to level out the mattress. The plywood should be two inches thick and placed on top of the mattress. This will help the mattress stay level throughout the move. After this layer is in place, the movers can go about putting the mattress inside the moving house.

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Moving a mattress by hand takes time but the process is much easier than using a truck to move it. All movers take breaks and eat lunch so they do not get bored or restless while moving mattresses. The only person who will be wearing white is the one doing the lifting. Because mattresses are very heavy, they have to be lifted carefully and securely. Most people can manage one to two hours of work.

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A good way to save even more time is to set up a wrap around system for movers. The wrap around system is used when the movers have to go through an area that is difficult to access or go through a tight space. For example, if the movers have to carry a mattress through an underground vault the wrap around system can be used. The system is made out of thick webbing. The mattress is strapped on to the webbing.

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Many people who are moving to a new home prefer to hire professionals. However, if you have never tried mattress moving before you might want to try it out yourself. It is important to remember to take precautions so that you do not hurt yourself. Make sure the van or truck is equipped with a rack and ladder.

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