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North Patchogue Mattress Moving

Moving a mattress isn’t exactly a breeze. The effort involved in transferring a mattress requires time, effort, and a lot of things. For instance, you need to be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s not easy to move a huge bed frame, let alone a single mattress. However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated if you call in experienced movers. These are people who know how to move a mattress and more.

A mattress moving company uses special heavy duty moving gear. Mattress bags are one that stands true to the name. It’s a large heavy plastic bag with interlocking strap to put your mattress on. This particular type of bag allows for more comfort as well as easier packing and un-packing. If that’s your first encounter with the word ‘mattress’, you must know that mattress bags nowadays come in heavy-duty plastic, textile, and even leather; and are typically made to accommodate most sizes of mattresses; even from twin, full, king, to even a queen-size mattress. Mattress bags also come with additional features such as padded straps, non-slip shoulder pads, zippered pockets, insulated back packs, and padded hip belts for security.

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Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s move on to more practical aspects of mattress moving. First, you need to acquire or rent a moving van, especially if you’re transferring an extremely heavy mattress, as well as old mattresses with springs. Make sure to specify in your contract that you will pay for the total cost of the mattress moving services when it comes to the weight of the mattress or old mattress. Moving companies may be able to quote you a fee per cubic square foot based on the original mattress dimensions and weight. Before you sign any contract, it is advisable to compare the rates offered by different moving companies.

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The next step entails renting or purchasing a dolly. If you’re going to move a mattress or two, then this isn’t really necessary, but for a larger number of mattresses it can be very helpful. You will have the ability to maneuver through narrow passage ways or small doorways; plus, a dolly will make the job much easier and faster. On a side note, many mattress movers and removal companies provide dollies at no additional cost.

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After the mattress or beds have been weighed down, and the movers have taken them to their new destination, another chore will arise. This involves untangling and setting up the pieces of furniture that were not included in the original move. Some pieces of furniture will need to be disassembled or put together again. Other pieces, such as beds will need to be put together. Many people enjoy being able to go to bed on their newly remade mattress with no loose parts, which is what makes ratchet straps so unique.

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There are other components of a moving van that make this job easier and more efficient. One of these is a foam mattress topper. Foam memory foam mattress toppers come with two straps. One strap goes around the base of the mattress and another strap is used to secure the topper to the bed.

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A mattress bag comes in handy during the move. It allows you to pack up your belongings in a compact manner and easily carry them with you. It can easily fit into the backseat of your car. It also folds up flat so that it can be stored in a closet or under a bed until the move arrives. You can also find the right size mattress bag in various sizes.

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Before the move, test out your mattress and bed. Make sure they are comfortable enough to sleep on. You may even want to lie down on them and test how easy it would be to move them. If you find that they are not very reliable, you may want to replace them before the move. This will ensure that you have a brand-new bed to move into your new home with.

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