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North New Hyde Park Mattress Moving

Moving a mattress is something most people would rather not deal with, especially if the mattress is expensive. Mattresses are heavy, they often flip over, they get stuck in stairwells, and getting them down the elevators are often a hassle. But moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster. If you are relocating your mattress to a different home, you will likely want to load the bed with a mattress moving cart, which you can pick up with the other moving supplies from your new home.

The reason many people do not like to move a mattress is because they are embarrassed. They think they will look funny or not be in their best shape. And if you do not sleep on new mattresses, you probably will not sleep on them long enough to make sure they are comfortable. So make sure you consider these points before moving a mattress:

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Make sure you pack your mattress moving bags properly. Look for moving bags that are sturdy and have straps. Mattress straps can get very hot, so you want them to be durable, strong, and comfortable. Make sure the straps are long enough that they are not going to cause you discomfort as you are pulling your bags around. Do not overload the straps or they could break under the weight.

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It might seem like a lot of work, but moving a mattress is actually quite easy. Many movers have tools to help you with this task. Check with your local movers to see if they have these items, or if you can rent some equipment from a removal company. The more help you get, the smoother the move will go on.

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If you want, there are some things to remember when moving mattresses. Movers usually have special mattress bags made just for moving mattresses. Some movers can move all of your furniture at one time, while others may need to move a mattress each. Look for information about how many mattresses can be moved at one time to make sure you have plenty of room to store all of your furniture.

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If you own more than one mattress, it might be a good idea to break up the moving job. Ideally, each piece should take up only a couple of inches on the truck, and then you can put the larger mattress on top of the smaller one, and the smaller on top of the larger. Some movers have ratchet straps on both ends of the mattress, to hold the mattress as it is being moved. These straps will make it easier to move the mattress without damaging it.

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Do not pack your old mattress with too much material, as this could cause the mattress to break down even more quickly. Do not pack it in plastic if you are using a moving truck. Use cardboard boxes, or bubble wrap for moving mattresses. Also, make sure you are allowed to unpack the box and lay it flat inside of your truck. This will help you get the best results out of your mattress moving experience. Allowing the mattress to stay flat, will help to keep it protected, and will also speed up the time it will take to return your old mattress.

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One thing to remember when moving a mattress is that you should always let the moving company know what kind of mattress it is. Different moving companies specialize in different kinds of moving. Ask them about mattresses before the move begins. The last thing you would want is to bring home a bad quality mattress, only to realize once you get to your new house that it is seriously damaged. Always ask to see the packing materials that the movers will use when transporting your mattress, so that you can know what you will be bringing home. If you do not know how to pack your old mattress, consider hiring a few professional moving boxes to do the packing for you.

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