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North Massapequa Mattress Moving

Mattress moving companies are available in all areas. They may be called movers, box-and-trainer or even packing and moving specialists. It does not take a professional moving company to help move a mattress. It may be a simple task, but a moving experience can either be an enjoyable one or a frustrating one, depending on how you plan it.

When a mattress moving company prepares the beds for delivery, they remove the cushions, box springs, box tops and blankets from the mattresses. The mattresses are then wrapped in plastic tarps to protect them during transportation. Mattress moving straps are also removed. These straps are secured around the bottom of each mattress and are tied off with tape. Mattress moving straps are important to protect the integrity of the individual mattresses as they are transported.

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Most companies have professionally trained employees that use dollies to lift each mattress. Each mattress is placed on a dolly, which has run down ramps. This is done to ensure the weight of the moving straps will not damage the mattress. The mattress moving straps are gently lowered onto the mattresses and ties off. The owner of the old mattress will remove her old mattress from the dolly. This is when the actual move a mattress part begins.

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Once the mattress is on the dolly, it is attached to the moving vehicle by ratchet straps. The ratchet straps are secured around the bed and are turned on manually. All corners of the bed are covered with plastic sheeting so that nothing can fall out. Plastic sheets are placed under the mattress so that nothing falls through the holes in the sheeting. Each mattress is moved to its destination.

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To help speed up the process, all movers carry boxes. These boxes are marked with directions for where they should be placed on the mattress to move it efficiently. Mattress moving companies are certified and have strict guidelines to follow in moving a mattress. They know exactly how to move a mattress without damaging it.

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After the movers have moved the mattress to the new home, the bedding is unrolled on top of the mattress. It is important to keep the bedding away from the moving truck to protect it from getting scratched or damaged during transport. If there are any small critters that may have traveled with the bedding, they will need to be vacuumed before placing it on the new bed. Movers will provide instructions on how to vacuum the bedding. This is a necessary step to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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When the movers arrive at the new house, the mattress is unpacked. The bedding is still attached to the mattress. The plastic bag is then placed over the bed. Plastic sheets are then put across the top of the plastic bag and another sheet is placed inside the plastic bag as well. This is the stack that is to be folded and put into the mattress bag.

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The new mattress is ready for moving when the movers pull it out of the storage unit. Mattress cover bags are available at most moving supply stores. They are a great way to move large amounts of furniture and are less expensive than renting a moving company. This is also a convenient way to move smaller mattresses to a new bedroom in a new home.

North Massapequa Mattress Moving
North Massapequa Mattress Moving