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North Lynbrook Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is an art that every mattress buyer should learn. It takes a lot of patience and skill to load a mattress and transport it across town or across country. Yet, if done correctly, no equipment is required. You do not need to rent a truck, hire a dolly, or pay a moving company. Just follow these tips and you will have your mattress safely removed in no time. So how do you move a mattress?

Mattress Moving is Best Done In A Plastic Cover/Tape

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First, when moving a mattress, it is important to pack it tightly in a sturdy plastic bag. This is true whether you are moving to a twin size or a queen size mattress. Then, you have to tie it with a piece of string or use some kind of temporary knot to keep the tape tight. Mattress tape does not provide much assistance when weight is placed on the edges. Therefore, it is best to use a safety pin to prevent the mattress from moving.

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If you decide to move a twin size mattress, then it is advisable to split the mattress into two parts. One part is to be kept in the truck while the other part is to be packed and taken to the new home. This is because twin size mattresses can weigh a ton so it can be very difficult for movers to move them. As such, trucking services usually have to rent trucks for this type of mattress move. Better yet, hiring a local mover, you can move it yourself.

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The second tip for mattress moving is to use caution when you are putting your mattress in the back of your vehicle. This is because many people fail to read the manufacturer’s instructions for putting a mattress in the vehicle. The result is that the mattress can be damaged by the vibration of the pickup as it moves down the road. As such, always read the guidelines carefully before putting your mattress inside the vehicle.

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Before you go on a mattress moving, you have to ensure that the area where the truck will be parked has adequate ventilation. This is because the movers may not be able to clean the back of the pickup well enough. In order to carry mattress smoothly, they use compressed air. As such, you have to ensure that the area has enough space for compressed air to circulate around it.

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One more tip when it comes to movers is to make sure that you secure your mattress tightly. This is because the movers will wrap the mattress with plastic wrap before they proceed with the move. This wrapping will help to protect the mattress from damage. However, wrap still needs to be secure so that the movers will be able to remove it easily later on. You have to take note that the tighter the wrap is, the more time it will take the movers to remove it.

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The above mentioned are just some of the tips for mattress moving. Keep in mind that the tighter the wrapping is, the better it will be for the transportation. The best way to transport your bed is to use a moving van or truck. In this way, you will be able to protect your investment as well as enjoy the new home without any worries.

North Lynbrook Mattress Moving
North Lynbrook Mattress Moving