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Munsey Park Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is not something every homeowner gets into. It can be a complicated job that requires lots of preparation before the move can even begin. The process of moving a mattress requires planning and attention to detail. Although these steps do not have to be complex, they must be followed with care in order to ensure a successful move. One of the best ways on how to move a refrigerator without issues is to contact a reputable mattress moving company. Here are some helpful tips that can help you with this important step.

Movers will strap a mattress to their truck, which is essentially the best way to transport mattresses. A mattress bag is also one that truly stands strong to its name; it’s a big heavy plastic bag usually covered with fabric that’s tied at both ends. When this is your fist time encountering the word mattress moving bag, you must understand that mattress moving bags are generally made to accommodate all sizes of mattresses; in fact, full sized mattresses are often accommodated in them. This is one of many advantages of using movers to move your mattresses, because they are skilled and trained to handle larger and more awkward mattresses. Because of this, your mattresses will arrive in as good shape as possible.

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If you’re moving your refrigerator, you have to make sure that you also pack your refrigerator as well. You don’t want your refrigerator to become damaged while transporting your mattress because this can prove to be disastrous for your belongings. Mattress moving companies will make sure that your appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers arrive safely.

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There are certain things that go along with mattress moving that you should always keep in mind. The first is that you need to know how your bags or boxes are packed. This is very important because the wrong way of packing your things could mean damaged items getting transported while the right way will ensure that everything gets moved correctly. Usually, moving mover companies will only use padded cases with zippered doors. This will prevent any soft furnishings or pillows from being damaged during transit.

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Make sure that your mattresses aren’t stacked on top of one another. Mattresses are lightweight, but if they are put on top of each other, the weight will be too much for the truck to manage. This will result in the truck going backwards, which will mean having your belongings to move slower. If your furniture isn’t cushioned, you may have to buy some new bedding that can go on top of your mattresses. On the other hand, you can stack them on top of each other, provided that they are heavy enough to be moved.

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Don’t move a mattress until it’s completely empty. It’s quite common for people to take their sofas and other items with them when they move a mattress, only to find out that the items they had intended to take with them don’t fit into their new moving truck. You don’t want to end up with a mattress that doesn’t fit properly, or worse, with a damaged foundation on top of your old mattress. If you are moving a mattress, this is especially important so that you won’t be stuck moving it around the entire length of your truck.

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As you might have guessed, one of the most common ways of moving a mattress is with the help of ratchet straps. There are two types of ratchet straps, metal and plastic. If you are moving an older mattress, you should stick with plastic ratchet straps because they are more sturdy. Metal ratchet straps wear out over time and can cause strain on your back as well.

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One of the best pieces of equipment you can buy that will help you with your move is a dolly. The dolly is an Consider It Moving moving apparatus that allows you to move the mattress in and out of whatever room it’s going into, easily and quickly. If you don’t have a dolly, you can still move a mattress by using a bed lift, but you’ll need to make several trips into the room. With a dolly, it can be done in one go and you won’t be spending all day getting it into the room and back out. If you want to save some time when moving a mattress, make sure you look into renting a moving dolly from some movers.

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