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Miller Place Mattress Moving

Mattress moving companies can help you move your mattress with ease. There are some steps you can take yourself, but a moving company will save you time and hassle. Before you begin with a mattress moving company, determine if you want to hire them to do the entire move or if you would rather divide up the work. This decision will also determine what services they provide.

A reputable moving company will include all the necessary equipment for the move such as dollies, boxes, bed frames, sheets and blankets. They also provide packing material. Some companies provide only mattresses, but this is not advisable. It is best to have your moving boxes and other material ready when you contact them. Ask for specific information on what you need to pack in order to protect your investment.

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Ask questions about how long it will take to move a mattress. Most movers will provide an estimated time before they will move your mattress. You can usually trust an estimate, because they know how large the mattress is and how difficult the move will likely be. You may even receive a guarantee. Ask any questions you have before you agree to the estimate.

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Determine if you need a vehicle. This is an expense that can be added to the moving budget. In addition, movers will need a truck with dollies, sheets, blankets and other items. Be sure to ask if they will pick up your possessions personally or if you will be responsible for delivery.

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Know what to expect when you move a mattress. Make sure to ask about packing materials and whether mattresses will be stacked or rolled. Mattresses are heavy and moving them is going to take some effort. It’s better to find out up front how much effort will be involved in moving your mattress so you don’t waste time worrying about it. You should also find out how large the mattress is, because if you’re moving small mattresses, it’s going to take longer.

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Find out about moving fees if you’re not receiving a discount. Find out if the moving company you’re considering charges extra to transport mattresses. A good moving company will quote you a reasonable price based on the size of the mattress. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a cheap rate.

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Inquire about packing procedures. Find out if your mattress will be stacked or rolled. Some moving companies only pack pillows and mattresses. Others will move both, but with your permission, they can pack only one item at a time.

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Find out about emergency services. Many mattress moving companies offer 24-hour emergency assistance. These types of services make moving easier and safer, since they know the logistics behind the move. They will make sure that mattresses are properly protected and won’t make any mistakes during the move.

Miller Place Mattress Moving
Miller Place Mattress Moving