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Moving day always leaves you with many little tasks to accomplish, but you can simplify these tasks by hiring a mattress moving company. What better way is there to get your mattress to another location than by using a moving truck to transport it? Here is how to move a mattress and to get your mind off the prospect of moving truck.

A mattress moving cart is one which stands for itself. It is usually a large, solid plastic bag used to place your mattress on top of the moving truck bed. When this is your first encounter with the word mattress moving cart, you must know that mattress carts come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The most common cart, you will see will be a small, with very little room inside for the mattress. You will have to disassemble your mattress and lay it flat on the cart, making sure that all the springs are level and that there are no creases or tears. Make sure that the mattress is secured properly with straps around both sides of the mattress, so that you will not have any problems during the transportation.

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Before doing the actual mattress moving, you will need to purchase all the necessary bags and straps. These bags and straps will come along with the cart, but you may need to rent some of them if you cannot find the ones that you need at the moving company. The mattresses are placed inside these bags and straps. Mattresses will often be placed on cardboard boxes which are then lowered into the back of the moving truck. All of the other parts of the truck will be covered, such as the doors and the windows. You need to remember to remove all of these from your car before you begin the actual move.

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There will be some small steps involved when moving a mattress. The movers will be able to help you with these steps, so do not be afraid. The first step involves removing the plastic wrapping on the mattress. After this, the movers will disassemble your mattress and place it inside one of the large bags. This bag will then be lowered into the bed of the moving truck, making sure that all sides are covered.

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The next step is to strap the mattress securely to the bed. If your mattress is attached to the bed by ratchet straps, these should also be taken off before moving the mattress. Next, the plastic wrapping on the mattress will need to be removed. Now, it is time to remove the foam padding from the bottom of the mattress. If the padding is left on the bottom of the mattress, the movers will be able to push it out of the way without causing much of a problem.

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In addition, the foam padding should be pushed up as far as possible. Now, another layer of plastic needs to be placed over the mattress to help it stay in place. Movers will need to work quickly so that they do not have to keep going back and forth and changing mattresses.

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These plastic bags and mattress protectors can also be used in conjunction with the ratchet straps. If the mattress bags are strong enough, they should pull the mattress as well as the bed down to the level of the floor. For extra added protection, cover the mattress with the mattress protector bag. To get the right amount of protection, there are specific size mattress protectors that should be used. Mattress protector bags should also be used if the movers are using dollies or rollers to move the bed.

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When packing for a move, or any type of move, mattresses are very important. Moving day can be very stressful for everyone, especially in a new home. There is no need to be stressed about your mattress. Using a good quality mattress bag and mattress protector bag, will ensure that nothing is damaged during the move. It will also allow the bed to be protected while it is being moved.