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Melville Mattress Moving

Mattress Moving, while a very simple task, can become a disaster if you are not well prepared. Whether you have purchased your new bed in a store or have made the purchase online, there are some steps that must be followed in order to ensure your mattress is safe during the move. For most types of mattresses, the moving process will simply involve loading it into your vehicle and proceeding as planned. However, for other mattresses such as futons or airbeds, the process may vary depending on the type of product. With these specific considerations in mind, any attempt to move a mattress from one location to another should be done only by those experienced with the operation of large commercial beds.

The first step to move a mattress is to remove the old mattress. This can be accomplished in one of two ways: either with the use of heavy-duty mattress straps, or with the assistance of a professional mattress moving company. Mattress straps are strong nylon straps that wrap around the mattress and are held securely by a moving technician or moving company member. Mattress straps come in a variety of sizes and can be customized with company logos, names or colors.

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Depending on the type of mattresses being moved, individuals may need to remove their pillows as well. Typically, all the pillows will fit into small plastic bags that are provided by the moving companies. These bags will then be transported via the truck to the new location. Many of the moving companies that specialize in moving mattresses will provide these plastic bags. Some individuals choose to bring their own bags, but many companies offer a large supply of bags at competitive prices.

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Once all the pillows, mattresses and blankets are removed, the movers will need to take care of the larger items. This includes things like television sets, refrigerators and other large appliances. Moving movers will generally provide a means of lifting these items onto the bed or towing them behind the moving truck. Moving a mattress requires the assistance of an experienced mattress dolly. The mattress dolly is a special type of dolly that moves with the mattress being moved.

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When transporting a mattress, it is important that all sides are covered. This includes the bed frame, the side rails of the bed frame and any furnishings located on or near the bed. One method of covering all sides of the mattress is with ratchet straps. Ratchet straps can be fitted to most standard bed frames and they secure the mattress from all sides. The other method of securing the mattress to all sides of the bed is by using fabric ropes.

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When preparing to move a mattress using ratchet straps or fabric ropes, it is important that you label the plastic bag that will be used for storing the mattress. All moving companies will provide a mattress bag with all of the basic information needed. In some cases, these bags may be pre-made, in other cases the bag may be one that is bought from the moving company. It is important that you know what type of mattress bag the moving company provides.

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Plastic mattress bags will generally have a size and shape that will fit most standard bed frames. It will also have an identification tag attached to it. In addition to having the identification tag, it is important that you keep the mattress bag in a secure location where it will be free from spills and puddles. If the plastic mattress bag is not stored in a dry location, it will become damp and the material within it will begin to deteriorate.

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After the mattress has been moved, it is important that the bed is cleaned. This should take place before the bed is returned to the new home. In addition to cleaning the bed frame, all wall and flooring tile should be vacuumed to remove any dust particles that may have collected during the move. Any stains on the walls or floors should be cleaned using solutions that are specifically for household use. It is also a good idea to vacuum the baseboards and floors of the room in which the mattress was stored to ensure that there are no allergens in the air that have been breathed in by those in the room during the move. By following these simple precautions, you can help to ensure that your new home is a pleasant one for everyone that moves in.

Melville Mattress Moving
Melville Mattress Moving
Melville Mattress Moving