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Levittown Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is the task that needs to be done for several reasons. A mattress bag is just one that stands behind its name. It’s a big large, heavy plastic box to place your mattress in. However if this is your first encounter with the word mattress moving bag, you must know that mattress moving bags are made to fit all sizes of mattresses and come in plastic, heavy-duty and even designer models; from twin, queen, to even a king-sized mattress.

The first thing we will discuss are the many features of the mattress moving bags. One of the most important is that the mattress is put in a sealed plastic bag. This prevents dust mites, germs and other allergens from getting into your old mattress. These can cause sickness or even allergic reactions. The plastic also protects the mattress from any liquids that may get spilled during the move.

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Mattress moving bags also come with various accessories. Some of these include telescoping straps that enable you to place your mattresses at a higher level and thus, makes it easier for you to carry it around. This type of strap is commonly used by professional movers. The second accessory found in the bags of mattress moving companies are padded handles. With these handles, the user is now allowed to freely move his hands and wrist while placing or pulling out his bags.

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A few movers provide their customers with moving boxes that have wheels. This way you won’t have to exert more effort in pulling the mattress but instead let the moving company do all the work. The only thing you need to do is just fill up the moving box with your things and let the professionals do the rest. This is the perfect solution if you want to be able to move a mattress without worrying about the heavy duty process.

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Most of the professional moving companies will provide their customers with foam inserts that prevent shifting during transportation. Another benefit provided by movers is ratchet straps. This accessory helps in securing your mattress to the bed frame. Most of the mattresses being shipped nowadays are made of aluminum. With ratchet straps, the mattress can now be secured on the bed frame with the help of a sturdy lock which prevents the mattress from slipping.

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Movers will also supply their customers with plastic dollies. These dollies are specifically designed for each mattress being moved. This ensures that the mattress will not slide all over the place during the movement. It is quite common for people to have some amount of mattress wear after moving their mattresses to their new homes. Movers will supply new mattress dollies that are strong enough to hold the entire mattress.

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If you have to move a larger bed such as queen or king size, then a professional company offering these services will supply the customer with a mattress bag. A mattress bag will ensure that the mattress remains safe and intact. The customer will be provided with plastic bags that have zippers so that the mattress will not get jostled around. These bags will also contain bed covers that will protect the bed from dirt and dust.

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One other advantage of hiring movers is that they supply their customers with special mattress protectors. These mattress protectors are made from quilted cotton. They also contain PVC linings that help to keep the bed dry and protected. The customer will be provided with plastic mattress protectors that fit snugly to the mattress to ensure that nothing will enter the bed while it is being moved.

Levittown Mattress Moving
Levittown Mattress Moving