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Lake Success Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is an often daunting task for homeowners. This can be because there is an ongoing myth about them. The myth goes like this – when you move a mattress, it gets damaged. So what do I mean by that? Read on!

A mattress bag is actually one which stands firm to its name. It’s a big bulky plastic bag typically to put your entire mattress in. If you’re the type who uses the mattress for sleepovers or other such occasions, you will know that a mattress bag can get very dirty and messy. If that’s your first time encountering the phrase ‘moving a mattress’, then you should understand that mattress bags are usually made from heavy duty, plastic and come with ratchet straps to securely hold the whole mattress; from twin, two queens, to even a king size mattress.

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Moving a mattress is quite a challenging task, for the reason that it can’t be simply packed up and taken along with you in your vehicle. First of all, let’s make sure that the mattress isn’t too wet. Wetness can cause mildew growth, which is a nasty odor we don’t want to give our home. In addition, make sure that you pack your mattress properly to avoid leaving any sort of indentations in the mattress or its accompanying furniture.

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Mattress moving companies are available online and offline to help individuals move their mattresses. But it is important that individuals make use of only reputable companies, with proven track records in offering quality services. There are certain steps which must be followed by individuals prior to moving mattresses, including: – Making sure that all the zippers are fully latched and that nothing is missing. – Using non-abrasive pads under the mattress so as not to leave marks – Having non-slip mats at the entrance of your room – Protecting cushions from water damage by placing them inside the bags – Making use of a mattress shifting mat and straps – Using a truck-mounted jack – Covering up the floorboards to protect them from moisture damage – Putting in place a home ventilation system to keep the house fresh and airy

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Individuals are usually apprehensive when it comes to moving a mattress as they are unsure whether it would be safe to proceed. Luckily, mattress moving companies offer a variety of mattress moving services designed specifically for different sizes, shapes and levels of mattress among other factors. They have special trucks equipped with high-grade machinery, including dollies, dollops and rollers. Special trucks are also provided with hydraulic lifts, so that individuals don’t need to worry about moving the mattress using stairs.

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The best part about hiring movers to move a mattress is that they will be able to quote a price on the entire process. You will no longer have to worry about going over the odds with regard to the cost as these experts know exactly what it takes to move mattresses. The process is fast and very easy. There are typically two steps involved in the entire process. First, movers will unload the mattress and strap it securely to the truck.

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Then, all that is needed is to open the mattress, unwrap the plastic bag filled with packing material and put it inside the truck. Once the mattress is loaded into the truck, the movers will drive it to the nearest unpacking location. Movers can also take your bed inside your house, if you want. All of this will only take about two hours, depending on how fast you and the movers are going.

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When your mattress is at the new destination, it will be set out in the same manner as if you had brought it directly to your house. Mattress straps will need to be placed under the mattress so that it doesn’t get damaged while it is being moved. If you are using memory foam mattresses, the straps will be made of strong, durable nylon straps. All Mattress moving companies should use strong straps and durable nylon ropes to ensure that your mattress and your truck are protected during the move.

Lake Success Mattress Moving
Lake Success Mattress Moving