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Mattress moving is an essential process that can be accomplished with ease by the help of a professional moving company. However, if you want to do it on your own, you need to know some important facts first. A mattress moving cart is one that stands true to its title. It’s a large, sturdy plastic bag which is used to transport your mattress along with other mattress-related belongings. When this is your first encounter with the word ‘mattress moving cart,’ you must already know that mattress moving carts come in various sizes, heavy-duty and even are made to accommodate even all sizes of mattresses; such as twin, full, king-size and even a king-sized mattress.

A mattress dolly is another important piece of equipment that movers use. It consists of two wheels and one platform. The platform can be raised to any desired height depending on the mattress being transported. It’s basically a bed with no springs inside, only simple ratchet straps keep the mattress “flat” during transportation.

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Mattress straps are important too but not directly related to mattress moving; rather, these straps are used when transporting an old mattress. Usually, people get rid of an old mattress because of a minor issue such as a hole or cracks, a loose thread or a sagging mattress. By removing these three, it will be easier for them to transport the mattress, free of hassles and problems.

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Aside from the mattresses, there are also other small items that need to be packed and removed from their original containers. These include linens, blankets, pillows and boxes. Usually, individuals choose to use regular plastic grocery bags while packing mattresses but if there are special boxes which can accommodate bulky things such as old blankets, linens and other furniture stuff, then it would be better to use those.

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A lot of movers prefer to use durable moving bags that are big enough to fit even an average sized mattress. This makes the job much easier. Another important thing to consider is the condition of the mattress during moving. If the mattress is in a good condition, it will be easier for the movers to pack it without experiencing much of a problem since most of the work will be done by then.

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The first step of moving your mattress is to remove its protective plastic covering. Doing so will allow more air circulation, which will make the entire bed cooler. This will help lessen the Lake Groverature inside the moving or storage area while allowing the moving process to go smoothly.

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Before the mattress can be moved, its measurements have to be taken. Measuring the mattress is important because you need to get the right amount of space inside the moving container that will be used. Some people also use special padded containers which come with a zipper to ensure that the mattress is properly transported. The other option is to buy a small mattress bag which has a handle. You can simply lift up the mattress and put it inside the bag. However, if you decide to move a king size mattress, then it would be best to use a truck that comes with a large bed.

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There are also companies that provide transportation services for moving mattresses. Their rates are usually higher compared to other companies. However, it is worth every penny. It will allow you to enjoy your bed even if the other parts of your house have been affected by nature such as changing seasons, increasing humidity, and so on.

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