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Kings Point Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is one of the most complicated but important home moves. Whether you have to move a large double, king or queen size bed, or just a simple bed frame, the preparation and packing can be very time consuming. Hiring professional movers can make the whole process easier and more enjoyable for all parties involved.

The key to successful mattress moving is to pack everything carefully so that there are no precious pieces being lost. The moving straps and mattress bags are especially prone to losing their cargo. Make sure that the straps are padded and well secured to ensure that all of the items being moved are protected. The mattresses must also be properly packed and secured, including tightly wrapped with plastic, foam peanuts, or shredded newspaper.

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If the old house had carpeting, remove it before the movers get started. If it does not have carpeting, consider cutting it up to make the job easier. Remove rugs, carpet tiles, and padding from the rooms that will be movers will be entering. Do this to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the new mattresses. Also, remove any throw rugs in the hallway, entryway and bedrooms to give the mover’s a clearer view of what they are going to be doing.

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Once the rooms are empty, the movers will need to break down the beds and other furniture into manageable sizes. The person who is packing will probably want to have a copy of the new home’s dimensions available. This may help with the unpacking. Even if there is no such a thing as a home dimension guide for the new home, having an actual measurement of the beds and other furniture can speed up the move a mattress.

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The mattress must be securely backed. This will help protect it during transport. It will also keep the mattress from moving while it is being transported. Some movers will use ratchet straps and other strong hardware to secure the mattress. If the bed is heavy, consider using dollies instead of bed frames to transport the bed. Both dollies and bed frames are much easier to handle than the bulky ratchet straps.

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It’s important to not pack a large mattress in a small car or truck. Many people who are doing mattress moving are doing so on their own, so they do not have a truck or large car. The mattresses should be boxed up and properly covered when being moved.

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On the other hand, some people who do hire professional movers to move a mattress by themselves. Before attempting this, it is important to read the fine print of the contract carefully. Often there are hidden fees that will make the price higher than it would be for a family or an individual to move an old mattress. Also, some of the mattresses contain parts that will need to be taken out prior to the move, so do not take any of these unless you are sure that all of the parts are included in the price of the move.

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For the most part, movers can move mattresses very safely. However, there are some precautions to follow. Mattresses should be unplugged and/or turned off before being moved. Mattresses should also not be moved more than one time. If a mattress is extremely heavy or large, it may need two people to properly move. A move a mattress service can save the hassle of dealing with all of the details of moving a mattress by moving it for you.

Kings Point Mattress Moving
Kings Point Mattress Moving
Kings Point Mattress Moving