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Inwood Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is an essential part of relocating your furniture. It’s a must for any household with a lot of belongings. Mattresses are among the heaviest and most fragile of all household goods. It should be handled with care and utmost precaution. Here are some tips on how to move a mattress to safety.

Mattress moving should start with the removal of the old mattress. There are two ways to do this: One is by manual lifting using mattress straps. The other is by using the new moving technology of padded truck bed mats. In either method, the mattress will need to be lifted with the mattress straps. Mattress straps are available at most home depots.

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Beforehand, it is best to unpack all the items in your possession – except for the mattresses and the mattress moving bags. Remove all ties and other belongings so that the bags can be transported in separate bags. The old mattresses should be packed separately. It’s best to put them in plastic bags with tightly sealed straps so that they won’t get crushed or broken during the move. Plastic bags work well for fragile and heavy items.

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Once all the mattresses are loaded, it is now time to unload them. The movers will provide suitable tools for this task such as mattress dollies and mattress ramps. Once all the luggage is unloaded, the movers will assemble all the items on the truck bed. The mattress is placed on the dollies. The ramp is used to lift the mattress to the truck bed. Once the mattress is on the bed of the truck, the movers will unload them into their new location.

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The moving process requires a lot of care because it involves rolling and lifting the mattress and other heavy objects. To prevent any accidents, the movers use ratchet straps on the bed of the truck. These straps are connected to rollers on the mattress and to lift and lower the mattress every time the truck moves. The mattress is then moved to the destination and the ratchet straps are re-strapped. This process continues until the entire bed is covered with the mattress.

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Once the moving process is complete, the mattresses are cleaned thoroughly. They are then dried in proper ventilation. Mattresses are not to be put in direct sunlight or heat, chemicals must be used to clean them and the straps must be locked. Movers will ensure that no damage occurs to the mattresses during this process. Once everything is cleaned and all damages have been taken care of, the beds are reinstalled. The removal of the mattress from the truck bed is the most difficult part of the relocation.

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Before the movers can place the new mattress on the truck bed, they will need to empty the bed. This is done by unscrewing the mattress straps and lifting them off the mattresses. The mattress cover bags are then placed over the mattresses and the trucks are secured. A new mattress cover bag is used to cover the mattress and make it completely dry before the movers can begin their new job.

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Many people choose to move without professional assistance but for those who do so find that using a mattress moving bags comes in handy. While a plastic bag may be the easiest option, it is not the safest one. Plastic bags can break or tear, they are difficult to clean and they can harbor bacteria.

Inwood Mattress Moving
Inwood Mattress Moving