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Huntington Station Mattress Moving

Mattress moving companies specialize in moving mattresses and other mattress goods. They are experts in transferring any kind of mattress, including a spring-type mattress or an air mattress. They use special containers made of strong plastic for moving mattresses. In addition, they provide boxes for your goods. These box, or box-like containers are placed on top of the mattress during the moving process.

A mattress moving bag is just one that stands true to the name. It’s a big bulky plastic bag usually to place your mattress in during the moving. When this is your first encounter with the term moving bag, you must understand that moving bags come in large, heavy-duty plastic and are specifically designed to accommodate even the largest mattresses; such as twin, full, king-size or queen-size mattresses. Moving bags are often accompanied by detailed packing instructions which have to be followed for an accurate move-out result. You may want to pay more attention to this, but the result will certainly be rewarding.

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There are many people who dread moving day because they have to prepare the old mattresses to be transferred. Mattress moving companies can alleviate such stress since they make the job easy. It will just entail putting away the mattress in a secure container for move. Your movers will load the container, and when everything is ready, they will carefully pack it with cushions and blankets. They may cover the mattress with plastic wrap to protect it from any dampness or moisture during transport. All you need to do is to allow them to carry the mattress and the box, and you are done.

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The process of relocating a mattress involves several steps. First of all, the movers will remove the old mattress and the box it’s stored in. The boxes should preferably be large ones as well, preferably up to four big boxes. Then the movers will divide the materials, blankets, pillows and anything else that is of use to roll the mattress. At this point, you may feel like you’re being helped, but movers are not going to physically help you with the move. Instead, they will just place all the pieces at the correct spot and cover the box with plastic wrap so no unwanted elements can damage the mattress during the move.

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After the entire contents of the mattress are placed at the proper spot, the movers will proceed to tape down the box. The tape is used to prevent shifting, dampness and even dust during the move. As you would expect, there are different kinds of tape. For instance, there are tapes for normal, heavy duty and light weight/medium duty moving bags.

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Once the tape is in place, the movers will unroll the mattress and place it inside the truck. This is the part when the physical tasks begin. The truck is now ready for the actual mattress moving. The truck has a hydraulic system on board that raises and lowers the mattress and bed. It also has heavy duty moving straps that help secure the mattress as well as strong ropes that help guide the truck to the area where the mattress will be stored.

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As the mattress is being raised, the truck driver maneuvers the truck by placing certain parts in reverse. This helps them free the bed from the weight of the mattress by lowering it. If you’re paying attention, you’ll see that the mattress is attached to a dolly that’s placed underneath the bed. A dolly is placed under the bed so movers can lift the mattress, and the dolly, and then the bed and other parts are moved up or down. If everything goes according to plan, you should be able to remove the mattress and the bed and move it in the general direction of your new house.

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Mattress moving is quite an easy task if you have the right mover and helpers. All you need to remember is to start the move a day early so the movers know how much time they have to prepare and pack up the mattress before the actual moving day arrives. And finally, do not leave anything to chance. Choose reliable movers and carry mattress in a way that ensures the safety of your investment.

Huntington Station Mattress Moving
Huntington Station Mattress Moving