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Mattress moving is something that needs a lot of careful planning. There are many things to think about before a moving company moves your mattress. One of the most important aspects of moving a mattress is ensuring that it is safe. A mattress moving company has special trucks that can carry your mattress safely and easily, but there are a few tips that anyone can follow in order to make sure that their mattress is as safe as possible during a move. Some people are concerned about using a moving company because they feel uneasy about the mattresses being moved.

Mattress moving companies have special beds that can be used to move your mattresses. A mattress moving bag is one that stands true to its title; it’s a big plastic moving bag with straps to place your mattress on. When this is your first encounter with the word mattress moving bags, you must know that mattress moving bags come in all different sizes, with heavy-duty, padded straps to hold mattresses; from full, twin, queen, down to a king-sized mattress. Even though the bags are called “moving” bags, you don’t have to be forced to pack all of your possessions; the beds can be disassembled after the move if you so choose. The padded straps of the moving bags can hold several of your possessions, such as blankets, pillows, boxes, and even furniture.

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Before the move, turn the mattress upside down and remove any protective padding from the sides. If you have pillows or old mattresses that are still attached to the mattresses, you will need to remove them before the mattress moving company arrives. It’s also important to unplug any appliances that you may be using while you move a mattress, including televisions, computers, and cordless phones. Unplugging everything but the mattress will ensure that no harmful electricity flows through the house. Also, remove any personal belongings that are not being moved (such as jewelry) to a secure container for pickup.

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If you have a twin mattress or larger bed, you will need two ratchet straps. These ratchet straps should be placed about halfway between the mattress and bed. They will hold the mattress as well as any other things that are being moved. For smaller items, such as a futon couch, you will want a pair of straps around the edge of the couch. Mattress movers have specially designed straps to go around small beds.

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Mattress moving companies offer both “unpacking” services where they pack your entire mattress and move it, and “pad and go” services, where they load only part of the mattress, then remove it, wrap it in blankets, and move it to your new home. Either way, the movers you choose will have their equipment ready, whether you call for services or do it yourself. They will have unpacked beds available and unpacked furniture at a fair price. This will save you time and money, allowing you to move a mattress the way that works best for you.

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Before you move a mattress, however, there are several steps you can take to make the process easier on you. First, it is important to label every piece of furniture that needs to go with the move. All boxes, plastic bags, and cardboard tubes should be marked with the brand name of the brand from which they are coming, as well as the serial number for easier identification during transport. It also pays to carry an extra bag or wrapping material to make sure all fragile items are properly contained during transport.

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While transporting your mattress, be sure to call the moving company ahead of time to confirm their availability, if the moving date is more than a week away. There is nothing more frustrating than organizing a big move only to find out the movers cannot get the mattress into the truck on the date you had planned. The last thing you need is to spend more time trying to fit the mattress into the car than you had planned, or worse yet, spend more money to have it moved when it cannot fit. This is particularly the case if the mattress is in a tall vehicle, such as a truck or van.

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Most companies offer different moving solutions, including packing in bedding, unpacking, and moving the mattress and bed. Call the moving company ahead of time to ensure they offer these services. They may charge a fee for this type of service, so compare prices before you arrange to have your mattress and bed moved. You may be Holbrook to learn that you can save money by doing it yourself.

Holbrook Mattress Moving
Holbrook Mattress Moving