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Mattress moving services can be accomplished by individuals or companies. Either way, it is not an easy task. This article will address the issue of moving a mattress from one location to another. Although, many people make the mistake of assuming they can take on the job on their own, this is simply not true. In order to move a mattress, you will need to hire a professional moving company that is licensed. In the event you are considering hiring a professional mover, below are a few questions you should ask to ensure you hire the best possible movers.

What type of mattress moving equipment does the company use? While some people feel more comfortable using their own, others find it unnecessary due to the fact they are unfamiliar with the moving equipment. Regardless of whether you hire an individual or a moving company, one important component is the moving mattress equipment that they use. The type of mattress equipment a company uses can vary immensely, so be sure to ask about them.

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How long do they take to move a mattress? You need to know how long the movers will take to move your mattresses because the more time the movers have to prepare, the more money you will pay. Some movers offer as little as 24 hours while other companies may take longer depending on how many mattresses need to be moved.

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What kinds of materials are the Mattress moving blankets made out of? Before you hire any movers, it is important to check into the materials that the blankets are made out of. Typically, there are two types of materials used to create moving blankets. The blankets can either be fabric or polyester/cotton blends.

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Can the mattress be carried in an over-the-knee pushchair? This is often a requirement for companies that use heavy blankets. If the mattress cannot be carried via an over-the-knee pushchair, it will need to ratchet straps to hold it up. Movers with large vehicles are able to provide their customers with ratchet straps that will hold the mattress securely without causing any strain to the back or hips.

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Do the movers provide a plastic bag for the mattress? The plastic bag provided by the moving company will come in handy once the mattress is unloaded and unpacked at the new destination. Many people choose to remove the plastic bag when unpacking so they will be able to recycle the plastic bag when the mattress needs recharging. However, you should make sure the plastic bag can withstand heat.

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Does the moving company offer delivery and pickup of the mattresses? A mattress bag along with the other items needed for transporting mattresses will be included in the fee for delivery. If not, ask if they offer this service as this will make packing the bed much easier.

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Are all of the mattresses brand new? Some companies may not guarantee that all of the beds are brand new. If a company guarantees the mattresses, it is because they stand behind them. Ask if they still deliver if the beds are a few months old.

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