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Hewlett Bay Park Mattress Moving

A mattress moving company will help you move a mattress as part of your overall mattress topper preparation. This ensures that your new mattress is delivered to your new home in one piece, rather than broken down in pieces. Mattresses are big purchases and no two are alike. It helps to know how to move a mattress and avoid costly mistakes when relocating your mattress.

A mattress topper is one that stands true to it’s name. It’s a large heavy plastic bag with wheels to transport your mattress in an efficient, sanitary way to your new home. If you’re the first time encountering the phrase mattress topper, then you must understand that mattress toppers come in several heavy-duty, durable plastic and are built to accommodate even the largest sizes of mattresses; from full, twin, queen and king size mattresses. Depending on the make of your new home, you may want to select a mattress topper that is free of allergens and bacteria. It will be wise to move a mattress topper that is easy to clean and has the ability to withstand years of wear and tear.

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While it is highly important to move a mattress, sofas and chairs are equally important. Sofas are extremely comfortable, but mattresses are not. When you are relocating your furnishings, it’s also important to move other items with you as well. Furniture such as couches, chairs and tables require special measurements and are best left in their original boxes or containers. Again, in order to protect your other belongings in the process, you may want to enlist the aid of local movers.

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Storing Mattresses Properly For optimum mattress moving care, it’s important to store your mattresses properly. It’s recommended to use plastic totes and boxes and keep them in dry areas with controlled Hewlett Bay Parkrature. Mattress straps can be purchased in a variety of materials, including rope, twine and plastic. Storing your bedding correctly will help protect them from moisture, dust, and insects.

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The greatest enemy to any mattress is moisture. A professional moving company will have the tools and equipment necessary to carefully pack your mattress, including special mattress straps, pillows and sheets. However, sometimes the movers are not equipped with these items. In this case it is highly recommended to have your bedding moved professionally. By following the steps outlined below you will be able to protect your investment from moisture damage.

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Before the movers arrive, open your mattress and pull out the cushions and blankets. You should also remove any loose clothing and put them in a plastic trash bag. Any ties, ribbons, or other attachments on the mattress should also be removed before moving. If there are boxes or plastic bags left over from packing, the movers will remove them during their visit.

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Old Mattresses If an older mattress is over 5 years of age, it is considered to be “antique.” If an antique mattress is not properly transported, it could suffer from severe damage. In this case, the only option to protect your mattress during mattress moving is to purchase an insurance policy that will pay for damage and wear and tear. It’s best to move a mattress this far from home, but if it’s an older mattress, it’s possible to obtain additional coverage.

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Mattress Stretching Before the movers arrive, it’s best to create some space in your bedroom for the movers to pack all of your belongings. Before they begin packing your mattress, turn on the air conditioning in your bedroom. This will help to keep the mattress from getting too hot while the movers are packing it. It will also help to create a little more space than is actually needed. If you allow for a fair amount of space to move your mattress, the movers will be able to pack all of your furniture and appliances with little difficulty.

Hewlett Bay Park Mattress Moving
Hewlett Bay Park Mattress Moving
Hewlett Bay Park Mattress Moving