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Harbor Isle Mattress Moving

Mattress moving companies are professionals who provide moving services for mattresses. They will transport your mattress, if it is mattresses only, under your own power. If it is also appliances like televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, washers or dryers, they will move them as well. Mattress moving companies are specially trained to move both mattresses and appliances to their destination.

Mattress moving companies have what they call a mattress on a stick or moving cart. This is a huge flat bed-like device that can be pulled along behind the moving truck. It has a huge bed on three legs and a long handle on top. You pull the handle and it “pulls” the old mattress to the side of the truck. Mattress moving cart is large and rectangular, usually made from metal, wood or plastic straps with webbed handles.

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Mattress moving bags are the ones that stand true to their name. They are large bags placed on top of the mattresses with thick plastic straps and big handles. When the mattresses are being moved, the bags are opened and smaller bags are placed inside them. These smaller bags are what the workers place the mattresses into when they move them.

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There are moving companies that do not use these moving equipments, but most movers do use these specialized equipments. Usually, mattresses and appliances are just too big and heavy to be moved by a regular moving truck without special moving equipment. It would not be safe for the vehicle to drive over the mattresses or worse, drop them. The only way to move them is to use the special moving equipments. That is the main reason why you need to contact movers immediately when you see the mattresses or appliances being moved.

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In the recent years, mattress loading and unloading have become much safer than before. The use of ratchet straps and pads was designed in order to prevent the mattress from rolling forward during the move. This prevents the mattress from becoming damaged.

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Mattress rollers are used to help people with wheelchairs move their beds and mattresses around. It is done by pushing the mattress backward with the wheelchair’s large wheels. Sometimes, this can be quite difficult because people with limited mobility cannot push the mattress forward on their own. So instead of pushing it, the wheelchair moves it in a systematic fashion. It makes the entire move quicker and simpler without any injuries occurring to the individual moving the mattress.

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Another important safety equipment that people need to consider is the moving truck. They are needed for the move in order to transport both the mattresses and other goods. The truck is large and solidly built. A new mattress being moved needs to be placed inside the moving truck so that no part of it gets crushed as it moves.

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Plastic bags are also used during mattress moves. These plastic bags to keep the bedding safe until the movers remove them. You can also tie the plastic bag around the mattress so that it does not move while being transported. A mattress bag can come in handy as well, if the movers need to stay in one spot and unload all at once. This type of plastic bag would be useful as a pillow case or trash bag.

Harbor Isle Mattress Moving
Harbor Isle Mattress Moving