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Glenwood Landing Mattress Moving

Mattress moving companies provide a variety of moving services. Whether you’re moving your refrigerator, bed or both it’s recommended that you work with only the top movers. Here are three tips to help you choose the best mattress moving company for your needs:

– Mattress moving straps are one that stands firm to its title. It’s a heavy, extra-large plastic-sided bag to place your mattress on. If you’re the first time experiencing the word “mattress moving strap”, you must know that mattress moving straps come in various sizes, usually large enough to fit any size mattress; from twin, two king, queen and even a full-sized New York king.

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– Mattress moving boxes: these are usually small and compact moving boxes that enable you to move a mattress securely and easily. Mattress boxes usually come with straps and hooks so you can carry the mattress without assistance. If you have an old mattress lying in your garage or attic, you can get rid of it by using a mattress removal box. A mattress removal box is an inexpensive way to turn an old mattress into just another piece of furniture in your house.

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– Mattress pads: this is an extremely valuable mattress moving accessory. These pads enable movers to safely move a mattress through various types of doorways such as between a wall and a floor or even from one room to another. It ensures that your mattress will not be damaged in the process of moving it from one location to another. Some mattress pads come with wheels, which allow the mattress to be rolled ahead of the movers. This makes mattress moving a breeze and you can save more time moving the mattress than you would have spent on transporting it on your own.

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– Mattress Pads: some mattress moving companies also offer mattress pads. They can be placed at the bottom of the mattress so that movers do not have to lay their hands on the mattress while they move it. You can also try padding with towels or blankets as well. Some people even use duct tape to hold in moisture so that it does not damage your mattresses during the move. However, remember that some mover companies may not use this method. It would be good to call them up and find out their preferred method of mattress moving.

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– Moving Van: if you plan on transporting your mattress, a truck is the best way to go. Not only will it be lighter but it will give you better visibility while transporting. If you plan on relocating across the country or to another town, you can hire a moving van from a reputable company. You can call the van rental company to schedule the transportation as well as to enquire about the rate.

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– Rope and Straps: it is very common for people to think that just because the mattress is light and compact, it will not need any ropes or straps to transport it. Not everyone knows that moving a mattress can be very difficult without any help, especially when one ends up rolling down a hill. It is very important for the movers to use good quality rope and straps to make sure that the bed will be safe throughout the transport.

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So, whether you decide to move the mattress yourself or enlist the help of a professional, make sure that you inform the movers of the estimated weight of the mattress. It is important for them to bring along extra heavy duty ropes and straps just in case the truck they are using breaks down. Also, it would be good to tell them exactly how many hours you plan on being away from the house while the mattress is being transported. Many people do not realize this, but if you happen to stay out for 3 days, you might need to pay some additional money to move the mattress. The weight of the mattress should also be taken into account to avoid further damage to the truck or the van.

Glenwood Landing Mattress Moving
Glenwood Landing Mattress Moving