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Moving a Mattress is not a job for the faint of heart. A professional mattress mover has all the right equipment and knowledge necessary to move a mattress safely, efficiently, and quickly. There are two ways to move mattresses. If you rent your home or apartment, the renter will be able to advise you on which method to use. If you own a refrigerator, you can move a mattress by yourself.

Of course, most people who own refrigerators don’t know how to move a refrigerator. In that case, hiring licensed movers will save you time, money, and stress. Licensed movers have the skill and knowledge needed to move any sized refrigerator or appliance. Whether you have a king-size refrigerator, a side by side refrigerator, or a small refrigerator or stovetop unit, licensed movers have the skills and equipment needed to move it safely and securely.

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Licensed moving companies also ensure their employees are certified moving professionals. Most refrigerators are quite heavy and require special equipment to move safely. Moving large appliances requires special lifting techniques. Only licensed movers have the skill and expertise needed to move any sized appliance large or small.

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Most people rent refrigerators when they move homes or apartments. Even though this option may be more affordable, it still involves additional steps. Licensed movers have the skill and equipment needed to move large appliances safely and securely. The process requires some careful preparation before the movers begin to move any appliances.

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It is important to know the appliance you will be moving. This will prevent damage or accidents to your valuable investment. For example, if you have wooden shelves in your kitchen, you will not want to transport your large refrigerator to the basement. Ask the moving company you are using how they package and load appliances for the move. They should provide specific information for each appliance that they carry.

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Mattresses should be transported using a flatbed trailer or a forklift. There are special trailers available for large refrigerators or freezers. This equipment is large and often requires two people to move it. For smaller appliances, there are portable moving boxes that work well. However, if you have any complicated moving appliances, you may want to bring an experienced professional.

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Before your refrigerator is packed for the move, ask the moving company about its delivery service. You may need to call the company several times to get an accurate arrival date. This will allow the movers to pack the refrigerator securely, rather than leaving it exposed to the elements. If you do choose to have the refrigerator delivered, the movers will need to have a way of loading and unloading the unit securely.

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The appliances are stacked on top of one another in the refrigerators and on top of each other in the freezers. Mattress moving companies will generally stack them either on a high sided trailer or a pallet. The pallet is tied down with heavy tape so the appliances are not damaged. Once the refrigerator is loaded into the truck, the movers will slowly drive it down your street or driveway, taking care not to damage your appliances as they are moved.

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