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Usually, the very last thing on anyone’s mind is mattresses moving, all the heavy bed has to be dismantled, put together, and then wrapped carefully in a moving truck. But moving a mattress to your new home does not have to be stress-free and time-consuming either. Instead, here are several tips to help make the move as easy and stress-free. Armed with these tips, you’ll be better prepared for when that heavy box truck arrives at your home.

* Plan ahead – Know how far away your move is from your current home. Do not make any additional trips just to secure your mattress. A moving company is going to have its own trucks, and they will know how to transport the large and bulky item safely. This way, you will be able to focus on other important tasks like wrapping up and securing your belongings before the movers take off. Better yet, request for at least three days advance notice to secure the move.

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* Secure the Mattress – Before the movers leave, they will break down the old mattress into small pieces. This will ensure that no one gets hurt during the move. After this, you are moving house contents, including the mattress, will need to go through a disinfecting process. By disinfecting the mattress, you will be minimizing the risk of transmitting germs and infectious diseases.

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* Use a Mattress Moving Bag – If you are nervous about leaving your bed, it would be even worse if you do not have a mattress moving bag handy. This portable moving storage will ensure that the large bed is safe and sound while the movers go around the home. The portable mattress moving bag comes with several compartments where the items will be placed, making it easier for the movers to transport them around. This moving bag will also serve as protection for your things in case some of the movers break down during the move. You can use the storage compartment to keep blankets, pillows, and stuffed toys.

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* Provide Waterproof Mattresses – Most movers will advise you to bring a large supply of water with you when you move. It may not always rain during the move, but there will surely be instances when it does and you won’t want your new mattress to get ruined just because it got wet. By securing a mattress moving bag with water-resistant fabric, you can easily bring along enough supplies of water to last you for at least two days.

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* Rent a Moving Truck – Moving companies usually offer affordable moving trucks. However, since they are already experienced in moving people’s homes and even vehicles, they might charge a bit more than usual. If you plan on bringing your mattress with you in the truck, you should ask the movers if they would be willing to include it in the cost of the move. If they agree, make sure that you inform them of the total amount so that you won’t end up paying more than what you had originally agreed to pay.

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* Get a Moving House Contract – Before moving a mattress, you should get a contract and lock yourself to it. Ask the moving truck company about the additional fees involved in moving a mattress as part of the move a mattress procedure. Usually, it costs several hundreds of dollars to rent a moving truck, so be sure to take that into consideration.

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* Put It In A Box – If you want to protect the mattress while in transit, you should wrap it in plastic sheets. Using tape gun to seal the plastic sheets will help maintain the plastic wrapping. You can also use duct tape to secure the plastic wrapping around the mattress as well as wrapping it around the bottom board of the pickup truck. You should remove all of the tape before putting the mattress in the truck for the trip.