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Moving a mattress is not as hard as you might think. Mattresses are large, they are cumbersome to lift and move, and they flop all over once they’re down the stairs. But moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster. If you are relocating your mattress to another house, you will likely want to load the mattress into a mattress moving truck, which you can pick up with the other moving supplies. Just remember to put it in the back so that it isn’t lying on the floor and ruining everything behind it. The truck has dollies on board so it can tip over easily if the mattress moves too much.

Before you pick up the mattress, make sure it’s not damaged or moldy in any way. You can always bring it in to the store to look at, but you’ll probably want to buy it already cleaned and ready to go, since this will save you some trouble. There should be no loose or rotten materials in the mattress. One way to check for mold is by smelling it. If there is mold, it should quickly be apparent that the mattress needs to be thrown out, so never buy it if there is mold.

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If you are moving large mattresses, such as twin or full size mattresses, make sure you get estimates from more than one moving company before you hire them. There are many different kinds of mattresses, such as sectionals, futons, air beds, and pillows. Make sure you get estimates for the total weight of the mattress, including the box spring, and the thickness of the mattress. Ask questions about moving procedures, such as if they use tiered trucks to move large mattresses, and if they will move it on a mattress dolly.

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Before the mattress is moved, it is highly recommended that the owner inspect the mattress and do a professional inspection before the movers begin their work. If there are any damages, such as with springs, the owner must report these to the moving company. Movers can help you fix damages if they notice them, but they cannot fix anything that you have already marked as damaged on your own. For this reason, it’s extremely important that you let the movers know what you want your mattress moved for, and whether or not you think it is damaged. Even if you think it is not damaged, if you were Fort Salonga by a large dent in the mattress during the move, it is wise to have it inspected before the movers begin.

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When you rent, buy, or sell mattresses, you need to know which pieces of luggage will suit them best. The traditional rectangular soft-sided bags will work for many people, but the specialty luggage designed for moving large mattresses will not only be taller but also wider to fit heavier and bulky furniture. The specialty suitcases offer two handles, one to carry the mattress and the other to push the bags, allowing you to better manage your belongings. There are also backpacks designed to move large mattresses, but they are meant to carry the mattress itself, rather than the entire bag.

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When you move a mattress, it is imperative that the old mattress is securely wrapped and secured. While most mattresses will resist moisture, some will break down easier than others. Therefore, when moving an old mattress, it is advisable to use a special mattress wrapping that provides an extra layer of padding, as well as providing an extra layer of cushioning for the movement of the mattress. It is important to completely wrap the mattress, including any valuables that are attached to the mattress, to ensure that no moisture can get behind the wrapping.

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Some of the specialized moving gear available for moving a mattress includes ratchet straps, which are used to secure the mattress edges to the mattress sides, so that they do not move around during the move. Other specialized tools include wedges to ensure the correct positioning of the mattress as it is moved and extra long handles on the moving bed to prevent the mattress from tipping back. Bed frame and platform movers will often have their own equipment that may include: bed frames, floor blocks, and special mattress wedges to ensure the correct positioning of the mattress during transport. If these aren’t in the moving supply area, then many of the local movers will rent equipment from the moving supply area, such as: rollers, dollies, tarps and tape.

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The most important thing to remember about moving mattresses is to properly pack the mattress, so that it arrives safely at the new location. Moving a mattress should only be done by people who are experienced with moving mattresses and who know how to move them safely. Many people who decide to do the moving themselves will make the mistake of packing the mattress incorrectly, which could cause damage to the mattress and the new location. Don’t assume you know how to move a mattress, because there are lots of different moving tips for moving mattresses available. Before embarking on your move to the new location, call or visit a few local movers to get an idea about moving mattresses, and to learn more about the type of assistance they offer.

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