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Mattress moving companies have evolved and expanded their services in an effort to meet consumer needs. Whether moving a bedroom or moving a garage, movers can help you achieve easy, safe, and efficient moving. Let’s explore some of the moving accessories these professionals use:

A mattress moving bag is one which stands firm to its name. It’s a large plastic large bag placed on top of your mattress to place it in. In the past, mattress moving bags were constructed of strong rope and heavy-duty fabric. These days, however, the bags used by mattress moving companies are much more stylish and updated. Generally, these days, they’re constructed of strong plastic with heavy-duty stitching and zippers.

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Mattress moving straps are used for supporting and transporting mattresses. These straps provide both stability and leverage, allowing movers to stack and roll the mattresses without support from either side. Usually, the straps have one end tied at the top or bottom with adjustable clamps to secure the mattress. But there are also soft fabric straps that are easy to adjust and are used in combination with a padlock to prevent unauthorized access. These soft straps are often referred to as “bedean straps.”

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Another moving accessory used by movers and bedding manufacturers are ratchet straps. Used most often in transporting mattresses, ratchet straps lock the mattress into place securely. They use ratchet straps and other moving accessories like hangers and pads to keep the bed in place while it is being moved. These accessories can include an extensive variety of moving accessories including soft, reinforced nylon straps. Soft ratchet straps are available in several materials like Nylon, Cotton, and Pvc. Some of these straps may include zippers, eyelets, and other moving accessories to make transport easier.

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As you can see from the selections above, moving accessories are available for just about every type of move you’ll make when relocating your mattress. Mattress moving companies are also happy to offer advice about the best way to pack your belongings before the move. Moving a mattress is not much different than relocating any other large or heavy item.

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There are several different styles of mattress bags available. These bags can be purchased as individual pieces or can be purchased as a complete kit. The entire kit will consist of a mattress bag, mattress protector, sheets, pillow shams, and foam pads. The mattress bag and pillow shams will have to be cut to fit the dimensions of your bed and the mattress protector will have to be intact.

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One of the most important safety precautions to remember when moving your mattress is to use the proper equipment. Mattresses are very heavy and if you overload them they can pose a danger to your health and well being. You should also never move a mattress while it is wet. Wet mattresses are very slippery. If you have to move a mattress while it is wet, you run the risk of the mattress collapsing or losing its support.

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In summary, moving a mattress should be done carefully. Make sure to use quality moving equipment and use the correct equipment when moving a mattress as instructed. Use a mattress strap and a pad that fit the exact size of the mattress and weight. Do not overload the mattress as moving a mattress is very dangerous. If you have purchased a new mattress, you need to make sure to purchase a mattress bag to store your new mattress and a few extra pieces of bedding.