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Floral Park Mattress Moving

Mattresses are heavy, they are awkward to lift, and they usually flop around and making them down the steps aren’t exactly a headache. However, moving a mattress often does not need to be a disaster. If you are relocating your mattress to another house, you will likely want to wrap the bed in a mattress moving box, that you should be able to get with your moving supplies. Here’s how to move a mattress with ease.

Mattresses are flat, but they are also very heavy. Because of this, when people move mattresses, it’s common for them to wrap mattresses in blankets and even tarps. This is especially helpful when moving them from one location to another. When mattresses are being moved, it is important to ensure that all of its pieces are securely fastened, or else it could be damaged during transportation and result in delays and mistakes.

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The first step in moving a mattress is to remove any type of padding. Make sure you don’t forget to unplug appliances and cable wires. After that, unroll the mattress and lay it flat on a towel. You should use pillows under the mattress as the mattress supports, to keep it flat and level. Once the mattress is flat, use a dolly to pull it to one side, and begin to move it forward.

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The second step in moving a mattress is to secure the mattress itself with strong ropes and strong bags. The bags can either be down the sides or from underneath. If the mattress is laid flat with no support, then you can use heavy duty plastic bags which serve as straps to hold up mattresses.

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The next step in moving a mattress is to strap the old mattress securely into the truck bed. You can either use straps, or tie it down with cords. Be very careful when tying down your mattress, since you don’t want it falling off the truck into the road. Make sure the cords are completely strong before pulling the mattress into the bed of the truck. If it is a fairly new mattress, then you can move it by lifting up the legs and using the other strap to pull it across the bed.

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Before the movers start moving your mattress, check to see if there are any springs or soft spots. Often, these can be fixed by simply moving the mattress further away from the moving trucks. This is also true if the springs are already completely broken. Mattress moving companies have experienced professionals who know how to move your mattress without breaking it.

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The movers will remove your old spring mattress from your bedroom and will disassemble it. Mattresses have to go through too many processes before being able to get to their new location, so it is important that these steps are carefully followed. After all, safety is always the priority. Mattress moving companies have experienced pros who know how to move a mattress without causing any damage.

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One last thing to think about before starting the move is ensuring that your mattress will be safe during the journey. In particular, most people have experienced problems with loose bedding, pillows falling from the beds, etc. If you feel uneasy about this, then it is best that you take the time to make a checklist of the moving materials that you will be using, to ensure that the bedding will not get damaged during the move. Using ratchet straps, is one way to make sure that your mattress does not move during the moving process, since these straps secure the mattress to the bed.

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