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Elwood Mattress Moving

Mattress moving companies are experts in moving and transporting mattresses. Mattresses, like all appliances, must be properly handled and transported on a flat surface. A mattress moving company understands this completely. They have a team of highly trained professionals with the proper tools and expertise to make the move easy, stress free and efficient.

A mattress moving company has specialized gears for moving mattresses. Mattress moving bags are one which stands testament to its title. It’s a large soft plastic box usually constructed of strong cardboard to place your mattress in. What makes these specially designed bags preferable to moving boxes or furniture is the fact they’re designed not just to fit in narrow spaces but also to distribute weight equally when filled with furniture or other items. When this is your first encounter with the word mattress moving bags, you should understand that mattress moving bags come in three sizes, from small, medium and large, and are constructed to fit all mattresses from twin, full, king and queen.

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The size of your mattress plays a very crucial role in how and when the process will go. If you plan to move a mattress as you’re relocating your entire household, make sure you have room for at least two pieces of furniture within the whole space you’ll be moving. One rule of thumb is to leave about a foot and a half to an inch of room for you to reach the bottom of the mattress while still being able to Elwood your neck to reach the top. Otherwise, you will likely get trapped between the mattress and the furniture around it. Make sure you pack the mattress as carefully as you would a live thing.

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Ideally, the pieces of furniture you pack should fit very snugly in the bed frame and should be held in place by ratchet straps or some other method. If you’ve got particularly heavy pieces, the bed mover you choose should be able to provide a dolly to move the mattress safely, using only ratchet straps. Otherwise, there are several options available for you to utilize to lift your mattress if need be. A mattress platform is one option that can help if you want to move a mattress without harming it; however, you will probably have to buy a bed frame or futon to keep the mattress from shifting.

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You should pack your mattresses only after you have unpacked everything else you intend to move. Some movers may offer to drive or deliver their mattresses to you. This is a nice alternative if you don’t want to make several trips, or if you happen to know someone who can drive or deliver it. Otherwise, remember that when packing a mattress, you want to keep it organized and in its original position.

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Some of the better mattress moving companies also offer services for free, including helping you to unpack your old mattress. They might even do it entirely for free. Other companies charge you a minimal fee, either monthly or yearly, to move a mattress for you. They will remove the old mattress and store it for you. The good companies will use quality moving straps to ensure that your mattress doesn’t move while they transport it.

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When you’re moving a mattress, there are several accessories that you should use to protect your mattress as well as the mattress itself. There is no reason for you to risk denting the sides of your bed or scratching it when you roll it on the floor with just anything wrapped around it. If you have a bed skirt or a bed sheet already, wrap it around the mattress and secure it with plastic bags. You should also use some type of trash bags for plastics, which you will also need for fragile items like photographs. Put these things in the plastic bag and keep them stored securely.

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In addition to all the mats and straps that are used to move mattresses, there are more specialized options. If you choose to buy a moving van with beds, there are options available for you to rent some of the space. For example, one company will rent roll up beds and you can easily fold them and keep them inside the van. There are other options available, including mattresses that you can push into a corner and which will then be held in place by four strong straps. These types of moving van mattresses are not only safer than traditional mattresses but also cost less.

Elwood Mattress Moving
Elwood Mattress Moving
Elwood Mattress Moving