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Commack Mattress Moving

Moving a mattress is not the cumbersome task most people think. Usually, all that is needed is bedding shifting, wrapping the old bed in blankets and putting it carefully in a moving truck. But moving your entire bed into your brand new house does not have to be so time consuming and stressful. Here, we discuss how to move a mattress and other important tips to make this simple process easy and stress-free.

There are different kinds of mattress moving companies out there that offer professional services for the moving of mattresses. In order to save time, you should know the steps that should be taken when moving an old mattress to its new destination. The very first step that needs to be followed is preparation. The mattress has to be thoroughly cleaned and any toxic or harmful materials like gasoline, paint, or lighter fluid have to be disposed off properly. After cleaning the old mattress, it should be put in its proper place.

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The next step that is required in moving mattresses is transporting them to the new location. You will have to contact movers that are licensed and equipped with proper tools and equipment for mattress transportation. Some movers are equipped with beds to carry the heavy mattresses, but you can also rent trucks or use large storage buildings to store the mattresses. Mattresses should be stored using heavy duty plastic and non-toxic tapes. Movers also provide protective gear for the mattresses while in transport.

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While transporting the mattress from one location to another, there are certain safety precautions that need to be followed. As the moving truck is carrying the mattress, it should not be leaned on the bumpers. In addition, you should ensure that the mattress is not left leaning on the walls and that the trucks should not jack the beds up while transporting them. If the bed is jacked up, chances of the springs breaking are high and the quality of the material can get affected.

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Mattress moving is a very complicated process, as it requires careful planning. Before moving the mattresses, movers prepare a detailed plan and inventory. They discuss with the clients about their needs and the details of the plan. There are many companies that can help you with mattress moving services at very affordable rates. You just need to look for reputed movers and ask for quotes and details.

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Once the company estimates the weight of the moving mattress, they provide you with a checklist of the items to be shifted. This checklist consists of all the heavy items such as beds, dressers, televisions, wall clocks, lamps, refrigerators, washers and dryers, mattresses and other articles made of metal or wood. The company takes special care to note the weight of each item so that the bill of lading will not be padded for the safety of all the heavy articles. For further security measure, all these articles are packed in soft sided totes with a padlock for further protection.

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Before commencing the move, all the heavy items are put inside storage lockers. Once the entire load is shifted, the movers proceed to remove the mattress from the bed. The mattress is then taken to the truck, which has its own removal van equipped with ratchet straps for securing the mattress. The truck is driven to a secure place where the mattress is laid out on a tarpaulin and covered with plastic sheets. After getting the mattress cleaned and sanitized, it is placed on the bed and the plastic sheets are removed.

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Mattress moving companies employ only professional and well-trained personnel who know how to move large beds without causing any damage to the mattress. You can also request the movers to use a hydraulic lift so that the mattress will be lifted off the floor. The mattress then comes out of the moving truck and is placed on a tarp that is secured. All these measures help you to move your mattress without worrying about its safety. By following these steps carefully, you will be able to move your mattress without wasting any time.

Commack Mattress Moving
Commack Mattress Moving
Commack Mattress Moving