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Bethpage Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is one of the most challenging household jobs. It takes a lot of preparation and planning before the moving day arrives. This is because the mattress has to be transported and stored in a safe place that can be easily handled by a skilled professional. There are companies in Bethpage that have the necessary expertise and equipment to do the job properly. So if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective professional to help you with relocating your mattress, read on.

A mattress bag is also one that stands true to its title. It’s a large flat plastic bag with several mattress items like sheets, pillow cases, blankets, pillows and more placed inside it. When this is your first encounter with the term bed moving bag, you must know that mattress bags are designed to accommodate even all sizes of beds; from twin, full, king-sized, to even a queen-size mattress to name a few. They are made of durable plastic material and come with ratchet straps for more convenience.

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Another important component in relocating a mattress is to make sure that you have prepared the mattress well. Even if you just move a mattress from one location to another, it is still best if it is completely vacuumed. This is to keep allergens at bay. If the mattress is vacuumed well, then it will definitely minimize any dust, debris and mildew buildup. Movers will thoroughly vacuum it and make sure there won’t be any spills, stains or pit areas left.

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Mattress moving straps are another important component in relocating mattresses. Though these straps are not required when moving full sized mattresses, they are highly recommended for smaller ones as they can hold on tight and help protect the mattress. There are two types of straps available on the market: manual and electric. Manual straps are basically used by people with physical disabilities. Electric ones work on batteries.

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Before the movers arrive, it is advisable to have a checklist ready so that you can identify everything that needs to be done. The list should include the size of the mattress that needs to be moved, its type (i.e. whether it is an inflatable mattress or a firm one), direction of movement, the reason why the movers need to move it, a list of household things that need to be taken with the mattress and list of household items that need to be transported along with the mattress. These steps are important because the movers will not know how to pack and transport the mattress, if the mattress is too heavy or fragile for simple packing.

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After the checklist has been completed, everyone in the household needs to agree on how to carry out the mattress moving. If the mattress is to be moved by the family, a small cart will be needed to carry the mattress and other heavy household items. For those using wheelchairs, an additional strap will be needed to help support the mattress while the wheelchair is being used. It is important for the mattress to be kept at a reasonable distance from sharp edges of furniture and walls in order to prevent any unnecessary accidents. Any sharp objects such as staples, nails or the like should be secured so that they do not cause any damage to the mattress or the person who is carrying the mattress.

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All household items, including the mattress, will need to be wrapped tightly in a plastic bag which will help protect them during transportation. Mattress pads should also be used to protect the mattress during transport. A good quality bed sheet will also be needed for protection against stains and dirt. Before the movers arrive, everyone in the household needs to make sure that all of the electrical appliances are turned off. This will prevent any mishaps such as electrocution.

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Once the mattress bag and bed sheet are prepared, the movers will need to remove everything from the bedroom. This includes clothing, sheets and blankets. They will then load everything into the truck and either load it directly onto the bed of the vehicle or stack it in one of the bed sections. It is best to stack the mattresses on top of one another in order to ensure that they do not get jostled around and damaged during the move.

Bethpage Mattress Moving
Bethpage Mattress Moving