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Moving a mattress is one of the most anticipated tasks that anyone must tackle when packing and moving into a new place. Usually, the last thing to think about is mattress moving, all the heavy bed has to be unscrewed, wrapped, and put carefully in a moving cart. But moving a mattress to your brand new house does not have to be so stressful and time-draining.

To make the move smooth and stress-free, there are two ways to go about it. The first one involves hiring licensed movers from a reputable moving company. They will use truck mounted rollers to secure your mattress to a sturdy truck, then they will transport it to your new home. This is a great option but can get quite expensive, especially if you hire a local moving company for the job.

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Another affordable option for your mattress moving is simply setting it on the floor or placing it in a closet until the movers get it to your new house. If you live in an apartment, this might just be the solution you were looking for. It is also the more convenient option if you have a small space or an upstairs room. However, there is one downside to placing mattresses on the floor. If water gets on your mattress, you might end up with a damp soapy mess that cannot be cleaned unless you dry it thoroughly before replacing it in the moving house.

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In this situation, it might be wise to consider moving a mattress by using mattress straps instead. A mattress strap is simply a piece of strong tape that can hold a mattress securely in place, no matter what the circumstances. Mattress straps are available at most moving supply stores and can also be bought online. They are easy to use because they often come with simple instructions, including measurements for a particular move.

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A final option for your mattress moving is to move a mattress by using a plastic container rather than a tape. If you have a large move coming up (such as a home relocation), then this is certainly an option worth exploring. These plastic containers are designed to keep items like mattresses safe from moisture and water damage. However, they are not the most sanitary way of moving a mattress because they do not provide protection for the integrity of the foam.

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When it comes to mattress moving, using a van equipped to move a bed and box to a new home is the most cost-effective way of going. The price of hiring movers increases greatly if you need only one bed or just a few. You are better off to save the money and simply rent a moving van from a moving company. This way you will only have to pay for the service once and you get the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings are in good hands. Moving companies usually charge less than two hundred dollars per day for their services.

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To save even more money on moving day, simply plan to pick up your mattress at the end of the day and return the next day in a brand new condition. Mattresses tend to wear out after a certain amount of time. By loading them in the truck before they begin to show signs of wear, you can assure that you will have a long-lasting mattress when you unpacked it at the new home. For those who are unsure of how much to spend, hiring a moving company will save you money. They should give you a detailed breakdown of costs so you can easily calculate how much it will cost to transport the mattress and cover all the necessary expenses.

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There are numerous ways to transport your mattress, but it helps to know which method works best. Some people choose to load their mattress on the back of a large truck, while others prefer to stack the folded mattress in a plastic container. If your mattress is not very heavy, you can fold the bottom sheet of the mattress, fit it inside the tarp, and then tie it off with a piece of rope. Then all you need to do is to unfold the plastic and tie off the ends so it does not blow away.

Bellmore Mattress Moving
Bellmore Mattress Moving
Bellmore Mattress Moving