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Bellerose Terrace Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is not something that every homemaker would tackle by themselves. It needs expert assistance. But the good news is that it doesn’t need to be that difficult. It’s much better if you hire a professional mover. Licensed mover that is.

Mattress moving is also known as mattress loading or mattress unloading. It is a process of removing an old mattress from its location and toting it to a new location. The old mattress is placed on a dolly or a frame-like tool with straps for safety. If this is your first encounter dealing with the word ‘mattress’, you must know that mattress moving bags come in different sizes, heavy-duty plastic and are usually designed to accommodate even all sizes of mattresses; whether twin, full, king size or queen size. They also come with padded shoulders for carrying.

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There are a number of reasons why people need to move a mattress and not just because they want to shift it around. Some do it because they bought a new house with tightly packed mattresses and can no longer bear the discomfort it gives. The mattress is also moved to provide freshness to the home. There are movers who provide this service to individuals who can’t do it by themselves. These movers are experts and know how to move a mattress without leaving any damage behind.

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Mattress moving bags have padded shoulder straps and a handle so it is easy to transport. Mattress straps have padded handles and have holes at the top and bottom to fit mattresses securely. In addition, some of these bags have zippered side pockets where extra pillow cases or clothes can be put. These bags have large storage compartments for clothes and linens, as well as other supplies.

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When choosing a moving company to help with moving your mattress, look for one with the necessary expertise. Ask for references from past customers. You can call these previous clients to verify if they were satisfied with the service provided by the movers. If you don’t know anyone who has used such a service, ask your friends or colleagues for referrals. Companies that offer services in your area are likely to have past satisfied clients.

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A mattress cover, known as a mattress protectors, is another important requirement when moving a mattress. This is a plastic sheet that has a sticky side that prevents your mattress from getting scratches. It is important to use a mattress protector to avoid damage to the mattress, which could be caused by sharp edges of the moving equipment. Mattress cover will make sure that no stains or accidental injuries on the mattress will occur.

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When packing your belongings to move your mattress, make sure not to pack too much. The more items that are packed, the longer it will take to move the mattress, which could take two days or more. You should also make sure to pack only necessary items, as well as the ones that are heavy and bulky. Do not forget to pack bed sheets, pillowcases and comforters. Washcloths and towels may also be needed. These supplies should be included on the list of material that needs to be transported.

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Before embarking on the moving process, you might also want to invest in a good mattress bag that will provide padding for your belongings and will serve as a piece of furniture. Choose a mattress bag that fits all of your furniture and that has several compartments and pockets. The bag should also have an additional lock to prevent anyone from entering your possessions while you are on the move. This will ensure that no one takes any of your personal effects during the move. You will also be able to keep all of your pillows, sheets and bedding safe with a mattress bag.

Bellerose Terrace Mattress Moving
Bellerose Terrace Mattress Moving