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Bay Shore Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is an art, you might want to learn. But if you’re not exactly sure how to move a mattress, there are pros and cons you need to think about before starting. A mattress moving company uses the latest technology and moving equipment to do the job well. Mattress moving companies can help move your mattress quickly, safely and professionally.

Mattress moving bags are one that stands for itself. It’s a large plastic bag usually with wheels to easily move your mattress in different spots. Mattresses are put inside these bags and then all the straps and ties are fitted around your mattresses so that it could be easily pulled out when needed. If this is your first encounter with the word mattress moving bags, you must know that mattress moving bags come with padded straps, heavy-duty plastic and are specifically designed to fit all sizes of mattresses; whether full, twin, queen or a king-size. These bags are made to protect your mattresses from scratches and other possible damages, which could cause some damage to your mattresses.

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Mattress moving companies use trucks that have dollies on them. These dollies are equipped with special implements and jacks to make sure that your mattress is securely fastened to the truck bed. They will ensure that your mattress is level so that they will not have a difficult time as they move your mattress from one place to another. The jacks also provide the necessary traction so that when they are carrying your mattress, there wouldn’t be any probable chance that the truck might start moving at a very hard speed.

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Another important aspect is to look for mattresses that are being moved by their own. This means that the movers will take the utmost care while packing up your mattress, and they won’t use any kind of softeners, lubricants or anything that might hamper the quality of the mattress. If you are moving by yourself, you need to make sure that you are buying the right size and height of mattress that will fit in the truck.

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Mattress straps are another feature that you need to look for while hiring professional mattress moving services. It is true that people will be putting a lot of force behind the mattress; thus, you should make sure that you invest in sturdy straps to help you during the whole process. You can either ask the moving company to provide you with the right kind of mattress straps or you can do it yourself. Just ensure that the mattress straps are durable, strong and can withstand the impact when the mattress moves.

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Another important aspect is the type of cutting and packing that the moving company will be doing on your mattress. It is quite common for most movers to use ratchet straps to transport your mattress because this method is quite effective. However, there are also some companies who would prefer using dollies to transport your mattress. So, depending on the kind of mattress that you want to move, you can decide on the type of cutting and packing that you want the movers to do.

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A mattress bag is another feature that you need to look at while hiring professional mattress movers to move your bed. The mattress bag will not only protect your mattress from any kind of damage, but will also help you keep all of the other belongings in the new home organized and safe. There are various sizes and shapes of mattress bags that you can choose from. Make sure that you get one that is big enough and comfortable enough to transport your mattress and all of your other important belongings.

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While you are searching for the best movers, it is always advisable that you do not buy mattress bags that have plastic in their material content. This will make the moving of the bed very hard and will almost certainly make the bed rip apart as it moves from the truck to your new home. As such, plastic bags are not advisable to buy as you will definitely have problems with them when they are already at the new home. Before you buy mattress bags, you need to search for a moving company that offers a warranty on the moving of the bed.

Bay Shore Mattress Moving
Bay Shore Mattress Moving