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Moving a Mattress can be a very challenging task for a homeowner or movers. It involves unscrewing, pulling, or even carrying the largest piece of furniture possible. Mattress moving companies are specially trained at moving mattresses safely and efficiently. They have special equipment on board to move even the largest beds. Here are some tips on how to move a mattress.

Before beginning the moving process, it is important to first determine how much furniture will need to be moved. A mattress is one which stands firm to the ground. Thus, it is an important consideration when deciding how to move a mattress. If this is your first encounter with the term moving mattress, you must know that mattress moving bags come in several heavy-duty plastic and are usually designed to accommodate various sizes of mattresses; including twin, full, king-sized and queen. Most movers also provide a truck with suitable equipment.

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Mattress moving bags are available in two different styles. The type of bags used for large mattresses are often referred to as rolling duffle bags. These types of bags are comprised of two cylindrical shaped materials slung on each side with straps over the bags. The second style is commonly called sleeping bags, and they are made up of several layers of fabric, often fitted together like a burrito bag.

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There are several precautions to keep in mind when moving a mattress, such as not to exceed the weight limit specified by the manufacturer. In addition, movers will most likely require you to sign a waiver stating that you understand that the mattress will be handled roughly during transport. This is to protect both the mover and you from excessive damage. It is also advised to ask your moving company for assistance with any electrical appliances that you may use while moving the mattress, such as blankets, curtains or a television set.

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As far as safety is concerned, keep in mind that many mattress moving companies include two ratchet straps, one securing the mattress to the baseboard and another securing the mattress to the moving truck. ratchet straps are usually made of industrial strength wire. Some companies even offer ratchet straps that are designed specifically for use with an antique mattress. These straps should be inspected carefully before being used to move a mattress as they are very delicate. Mattress straps should be inspected before each move and replaced if cracked or broken.

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Before proceeding with any move, it is best to remove any bedding from the room being moved as well as stuffed toys, pillows and blankets. Beddings are commonly infested by dust mites and bed bugs. The mattresses are often packed without protective covers so they can be inspected for dust mites and bed bugs on a regular basis. If bed bugs or dust mites are found, these should be removed immediately.

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The last consideration is packing materials. It’s important to pack material in tightly sealed plastic zipper bags or foam or polythene pouches. The mattress and pillows should be tightly packed in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. For the larger items such as the mattress and bed frame, the moving professional should either use dollies or a moving cart.

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Don’t forget to buy mattress bags when purchasing a moving mattress. Moving day is a stressful time and you want to ensure that your mattress is safe from unnecessary movement during the move. Moving your mattress by yourself presents an opportunity for accidents. The use of plastic bags and mattress bags helps limit the risk of an accident. Plastic bags and mattress bags are available at most moving supply stores.

Bay Park Mattress Moving
Bay Park Mattress Moving