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Baldwin Harbor Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is an art. For some people it is not as easy as it sounds because they have never been introduced to the concept. But for those who have been exposed to the need of relocation their reaction is usually one of relief and happiness. You are relieved from the burden of packing all your mattresses, blankets, pillows, sheets and other bed accessories and you know exactly how much space you will require to fit all your belongings.

Mattress moving may be a job but like anything else it gets easier with practice. And if you are well prepared by getting a few tips on how to move a mattress first time, things won’t be as bad. There are two methods of mattress moving. The first one is using heavy furniture and the other is by using a mattress strap.

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A mattress moving strap is one which stands upright and is tied to the mattress by way of strong rope or chain. This is very convenient because you don’t have to lug around heavy furniture. If this is your first encounter with the term mattress moving straps, you must know that mattress straps are designed to hold all sizes of mattresses and come in thick-duty plastic, foam or steel; in addition to the classic black color. They have strong eyelets and webbed handles. When you tie your mattress straps to the bottom of the bedding, it prevents the springs from popping out of the beds.

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The other method of how to move a mattress is by using heavy furniture. If you are using two twin size mattresses, one in each corner of the room, this can be a daunting task to undertake. In order to solve this problem, consider renting out a dolly, which allows for the mattress to be placed on a frame within a moving truck. Twin and king size mattresses on the other hand may be easier to transport, as they are smaller and have less weight to carry. Movers who are well trained will be able to properly lift and carry both types of mattress at the same time.

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The third way to move a mattress is to use ratchet straps. This type of moving equipment has metal hooks on both ends, one on each side of the mattress. It also comes with ratchet wheels, so it makes it easy for movers to turn the mattress around while they are traveling.

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Using mattress protectors when moving a bed is important if you want to ensure that your mattress is protected against dirt and any other type of damage that can occur during transportation. Movers will often place mattress protectors over the mattress before packing it, so it is important to pack yours too. A mattress protector bag or hamper is another option, which keeps the mattress safe from spills while still being easily accessible. Both of these bags are helpful, but the mattress protector bag offers an added benefit of being completely waterproof.

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If space in your home is limited, it may be a better idea to purchase a moving mattress cover instead of a mattress protector. Moving covers will also be beneficial if your moving truck is loaded with goods which need to be kept dry. A mattress cover is the perfect addition to any type of moving truck or bed, whether it is being used to transport personal belongings or household goods. Moving mattress covers come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be purchased for any size bed.

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Movers can take a mattress and many other pieces of furniture in and out of many different homes and offices with ease. It can be hard to estimate how much weight will be on any particular piece, but the average person can generally get an approximate estimate. Moving a bed is never fun. But the experience can be made easier if you take all of the necessary precautions beforehand. These precautions include taking all of your mattresses and pillows with you, including the box springs, and purchasing a mattress bag or hamper that will protect them from spills and the elements. A well-planned move is sure to go off without a hitch, and leave you more time to enjoy all of your new surroundings!

Baldwin Harbor Mattress Moving